The Memorial

The Memorial just goes to show that you need to have lots of lag to play good golf and have lots of eagle chances.

Wait, that is complete BS, Steve Stricker was having eagle chances all over the place and his swing sucks because he has no lag.

Wait, everyone who thinks lag is the be all end all of golf swing pursuits drank too much paint as small children. Yea, that’s it.

It was nice to see another old fart do well. I know Brandt Jobe from back in the day at UCLA. Happy to see him do well.

…and Matt Kuchar. That is a horrendous golf swing for a guy that tall. BFD!!!! The guy is probably the most consistent golfer on Tour right now. He found a swing that works for him.

I played with him once before. Really nice guy and I am happy he did what was necessary for him to play well, instead of a cookie cutter approach. Some might say, “Hey Monte, you have some cookie cutter approaches to things.”

That is true, but you have to have some general principles and mine starts with do what your own personal physique wants to and avoid things that prevent that from happening.

Those who have take lessons from me will tell you I don’t change something that works. I try and look at what is preventing good things from happening and fix that…and it seems, that what Kuchar has done…and what I am trying to do with my game.




  1. s.

    You write, “Do what your own personal physique wants to and avoid things that prevent that from happening.”

    That sounds like Moe Norman (1929-2004). You probably know who he was. (After Tom Watson’s recent victory, Tom mentioned learning something from Moe.)

    Moe just might have been the best ball-striker ever, and there are lots of Youtube videos featuring him. He has a virtual cult following.

    On some of those videos, Moe can be seen saying, “No two people swing alike.”

    He said, “Don’t copy me…you’ll be sorry.”

    “What would you recommend?” Answer, “Whatever suits them.”

    Moe was great because of his fundamentals, not his eccentricities.

  2. BernardP

    It is certain that Steve Stricker has “lag” in his swing, meaning that the clubhead is trailing the hands at impact, and there is tension in the clubshaft at that point.

    What SS doesn’t have is obvious float-load type lag like Graeme McDowell or Sergio Garcia.

  3. Doug B

    What Stricker has is club head speed, which he achieves without the wristy, buggy-whip type of action that so many aspire to, yet which few can achieve (and still keep the ball on the fairway). This whole “lag” mania has had a negative impact on many golfers. I think it started with Hogan, and the cult following that his game (rightfully) commanded. I love Hogan – he is and always will be one of my heroes, but the desire so many have to copy his swing has ruined almost as many golfers as Golf Digest.

  4. meateater

    Kuchar and Stricker define “long enough.” Even with the abolition of rough at Tour venues, hitting fairways and greens and being able to roll your ball leads to top fives and plenty of cachingo. Some say Stricker is boring, but to me, he is like watching a master craftsman quietly going about his task.


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