Boy did I stink yesterday

I went and played in a local skins game and played like a 15 handicap that hits it really far.

I was missing greens from inside 100 yards, double crossing fades, missing 4 footers, hitting chips with no touch and even blading one.

I am telling you this for two reasons.

One, so you can make fun of me. The description I am giving is not doing it justice and one of the readers saw a round such as this last year when he came to watch me play.

The real reason I am telling you this is important for all of you and it’s a disease. I have been hitting a lot of balls lately trying to iron out years of residue crap left in my game. It didn’t dawn on me until I was driving in traffic on the way home that I was working on my swing/chipping motion/putting stroke, instead of playing golf.

I am not above stupidity and I will reiterate for the 100th time I am not sitting here in my ivory tower looking down at all of you. I am telling you I am the leading authority because I am one of the few people in golf that played at the highest levels, only to take every wrong turn possible trying to improve.

My game is still a work in progress, but I learned two huge things today. My default swing is still under the plane and stuck…but better.





  1. Bob34

    I know exactly what you’re saying, I wish I lived back in the old days when even weekend warriors had caddies so I could have one that reminds me not to think about how just focus on what. It goes back to your post about throwing a piece of paper in the trash can.

    BTW I meant to post this in your thread about having a lateral move: A thought that works for me on the range to make my hips work right, not thrust but get that little lateral move towards the target in transition, keep my head behind the ball.

    • rojoass

      I hope I can “play golf” this weekend & not worry about what the course “looks” like to the other players. And also hope my partner doesn’t run his moth the whole time about “his swing”

  2. Calvin D

    One of those days. Early on in the round the club begins to feel like a boa-constrictor.

    Ben said that thinking “I don’t have it today” is wrong and that you do have it. I guess it’s mind over boa-constrictor.

  3. Wally

    Stop practicing and just play golf, It will come back by itself. Take only five clubs at a time

  4. Calvin D

    Monte, when I play my best it’s like every shot is its own separate event and I am excited and hyper-aware but not of my swing. Rather of where my ball is and where I want it to finish. When I play my worst I am pre-occupied with my score and my swing.

    I am not a proponent but I wonder if you have investigated Clearkey. It is a concept that has helped a lot of people and maybe you are a candidate.

  5. Mike from Canada


    You need a V-Harness.

    • Calvin D


      Use the V-Harness with the X-Factor swing and get all bent over and up on your toes.

      • gwlee7

        Hold the lag and swing as inside out as you can and you’ll be back to your winning ways in no time at all. 😛

      • Mike from Canada

        I take my practice swings with a V-Harness and a medicus and then adjust my R11 before every shot on the course. It doesn’t cause slow play either… I can get a round done in 6 hrs easy.

      • Bob34

        If your power accumulators dont fire in the right sequence from positions 1 – 9786, you’re toast. You absolutely must practice each position 10000 times in super slow motion to get this right and that’s UNDENIABLE biomechanical TRUTH! Face it, to do this right, you’re not going to play good golf for the next 10 years and at your age, you might as well give up…

  6. gwlee7

    Dammit Bob, you left out accululator 9788. How can he expect to play well withour 9788????

    • Bob34

      yup, but now he’s up to being done in 1340 years if he does 200 slomo reps a day 🙂


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