Between the instruction I hear on the range

and the advice I see given out on GolfWrx, one of three things will happen.

A. My head explodes
B. I become the worst serial killer since Andrei Cikatilo
C. My ability to teach and play golf gets better because my irritation meter red lines and breaks leading to greater patience.




  1. woody

    I suggest (heh-heh) watching Michael Breed’s “Golf Fix” on Golf Channel.

    I’m sure your kids have all the props you’ll need, like a floaty or a Harry the Hippo.

  2. North

    It’s amazing you still have a head left, as you don’t seem to be a serial killer ;-).

  3. Bob

    I just wish you would post more of your style of instructional videos as an outlet for your frustration to counter the bad advice. I’m lucky in that I can’t afford the range (I hit balls in an empty field) so I’m not subjected to the nonsense one might hear there.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        I have a list of 10+ to film. I do have over 100 now. I am sure you guys can find some you haven’t seen before 😀

  4. Jason

    Agreed Monte – there are a lot of experts who “teach” but don’t have anywhere close to the ability to explain concepts as simply as you do. They may actually mean well – but what they say either makes little sense, or can be applied very poorly.

    Keep on keeping on!


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