Pulling the handle

It makes me physically ill every time I watch someone practicing pulling the handle on purpose. I want to go give them a hug and tell them they would have been better off buying the Brooklyn Bridge or beachfront property in Tibet…then buying this nonsense.

This may be delusional and arrogant but it seems like I have had a measurable affect on the golfing public thinking increased lag is the road to nirvana. At least the internet golfing public.

In the next few weeks I am going to make another video where I use some of these same concepts on how to get rid of the infamous flip, how there are two kinds of flips that are different (have touched on this before), and how the gradual release of the golf club from the top gets rid of both of them.




  1. Joeunc

    Great vid Monte!

  2. Calvin

    I don’t know what pulling the handle is. If somebody did it I wouldn’t recognize it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      All it means is starting the downswing by pulling the club to the ball instead of allow the body to unwind in sequence.

      Anyone with the shanks, anyone who comes way over the top and anyone you see practicing lag…pulls the handle.

  3. Mike Z

    After a couple months with an evaporating swing (apparently due to handle-pulling), I had my first decent and consistent session on the range in a long time after watching today’s post. Just in time for my first tournament in over 10 years this weekend, too. Thanks. I would have looked like an idiot hitting shanks and over-the-top foul balls in the “A” flight.

    Still might look like an idiot, but hopefully not because I’m shanking it 🙂

      • Mike Z

        That’s the intent. But I think I’ve started getting there by getting ahead of the ball and snatching the club, rather than swinging in sequence. Had a great day with a new feel, so hopefully I can maintain through the weekend.

  4. Robert Johansson

    You can ask the reason why golf industry and its pedagogical ways are screwed up but your figthing a uphill battle.
    It wont stop, to much fixing swing stuff out there none having fun playing golf.

    • woody

      “golf industry and its pedagogical ways are screwed up”

      –Sounds like a financial opportunity for someone. Go FUBAR.

  5. theMIKE

    Plane & release, steep shoulder, no extra arm lift, deep hips and holding the shoulders back, this blog has become a very colourful place;)

  6. smitty

    I can’t the difference between the dump and pulling the handle. Is there any good drill to stop pulling and start dumping?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When the downswing is initiated by the lower body shifting and unwinding, you won’t pull the handle. It takes time for this feel to sink in.


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