Bets that are too good to be true

are too good to be true.

First off, I never hustled anyone who didn’t get in my grill first.

I had a regular group of guys I played with at PGA West in the 90’s and they were all awesome guys and fun to play with.

One of these guys brought a threesome of guests out and they had heard about me and asked if they could play with me instead of their friend. All parties agreed.

Turns out I was in for a bad day and 2 of these guys were ducks (blog vocabulary). I sprayed my driver and putted my way to a 74. For me, that was awful on the Palmer course. I played there over a thousand times and could almost play left handed and break par, so 2 over was not my best effort.

Now these guys thought I was a duck and let the rest of the group know. Commenting that I could hit it pretty far, but I was crooked and putted poorly, just like the stereotype of a long drive champion. My boys regaled in stories of course records, 18 greens in regulation rounds and runs of rolling in 30 foot bombs.

Laurel and Hardy were unimpressed and continued to point me toward the employment office, as I had no chance at a career in golf.

After a while, I grew tired of this and issued a challenge. They could play a three ball scramble (choosing the best of the three shots they hit all the way into the hole) and I would play them myself and only required one “spot”…I got one throw per hole that would not count as a stroke. In other words, during each hole, I could pick the ball up and throw it once and it didn’t count.

They immediately took the bet and couldn’t wait to raise the stakes figuring they could shoot 6-10 under par and I would just toss out another 74.

Guess why…they stupidly assumed I would just throw my tee shot farther to get closer to the green. They were incorrect and learned of their mistake on the very first hole.

I hit a nice drive in the fairway, hit a wedge to about 12 feet and used my throw to almost put the ball in the hole for an eagle two and tapped in the 4 inch putt for a birdie.

Theoretically, if you are having a good ball striking and ball tossing day, you could shoot 40 under par on a course with 4 reachable par 5’s.

If I remember correctly, they shot about 7 under par and I shot over 20 under hitting the ball just about as mediocre as I did during the 74 earlier in the day and my tossing skills were off as well. I just made sure I never hit the ball where I couldn’t toss it within a few feet of the hole…at least I made all of my two and three footers. :-). I won almost every hole and don’t think I lost any.

The highlight of the day was when I hit it about 15 feet on my second shot to a par five and calmly tossed the ball into the hole for a double eagle 2.

PS-I’ll have some thoughts on the British Open later today.




  1. Shakey Focus Lou

    So how much did you take them for?

    What’s the most you’ve won on a money game? That would be an interesting story?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t remember how much I took from these guys, but it was a lot. I often played with other peoples money at risk, but the most I ever play for of my own money was a $2000 Nassau…which I won three ways. The most I ever lost of my own money was about $1500.

  2. Banner 12

    Last time I bet on the golf course was with a good friend (i thought) who I beat 2 up for a burger. He stormed off the course (no burger for me) and I never saw him again.

  3. Tommy

    I figured when I read the set-up that the throw would be of your opponents ball. And they thought their best drive was in the middle….

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That is a good one too, but some people are wise to that.


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