How did a 59 year old man almost win The Open?

It’s very simple and I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

Watson, even at 59, still knows how to “play the game” and as I stated in the above post, young golfers and especially young American golfers only know how to swing the club and execute putting strokes.

I used to be able to play shots and play the course, I then got sucked into the culture of swinging perfectly and having a perfect putting stroke…and that is why most of you have never heard of me.

I believe that is why Tiger is struggling in majors, and especially this one where “playing the game” is so important. He is trying too hard to swing and it has not only turned his swing into something that is not technically very sound, he is starting to be inconsistent in what makes him so great. Creativity with shots and most importantly, creativity around the greens.



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