No, not Bubba Watson. Frank Lickliter is one of my very good friends and he is leading the PGA event in Milwaukee going into the final round.

He finished outside the top 125 last year, so he is not fully exempt on the PGA Tour this year. Winning today would get him fully exempt for the rest of this year and two more years.

After you are all done rooting for Tom Watson, please put you fandom behind my boy Frank.

In case you are wondering where Bubba came from, Frank is just as bad with people’s names as I am and calls everyone Bubba. Kind of like Babe Ruth calling everyone kid…actually it was more like “keeyad.”




  1. SB Bruin

    What happened?!?! He fell apart.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I know. I wasn’t able to watch. Frank, IMO, puts way too much pressure on himself to be perfect when he is playing well. He drives it straight, wedges it close and has one of the finest putting strokes I have ever seen. He is also one tough SOB. He criticizes himself too much, especially when he has a chance to win.

      He has won twice on the Tour and he would have about 5 wins if he would have a little more fun when he plays.

      I have told him all of these things and he agrees.

  2. SB Bruin

    Is he just holding on too tight when he smells the win? That is by far the toughest thing for me. I can’t tell you how many 33’s and 34’s I have followed by 40+’s. I play well and then I start to hold on too tight. To give you an idea how bad it is for me, I’ve never shot under par at a “real” course. I’ve shot even a few times, but other than that it’s a choke fest on the back 9.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Frank is not a choker. When he gets in a position to win, he wins. He just gets a little too intense. I told him he needs to have a little more fun.


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