Tiger has missed the cut…

I do not want to gloat, I am a fan of golf just like everyone else and it is not as exciting when Tiger is not in the hunt.

What I want to do is reiterate my position, which is this swing he is using is nothing but trouble.

People point to his three wins this year and ball striking at Memorial as evidence to refute my position.

Here is the thing, I am in a unique position to see what is happening that no one else is. Please don’t take the following to mean that I am comparing myself to Tiger. I am not. I am comparing the situations and any of my friends who saw my game deteriorate like last years’ Dow Jones, will absolutely stand by what I am about to say.

I am watching Tiger go through what I went through starting in 1996. Monte 1996 and Tiger 2009 have 3 things in common.

1. Ability to generate 130 MPH of club head speed.
2. A golf swing that is stuck under the plane with an open club face.
3. Wild swings of ball striking from one week to the next where the bad was mostly ugly high weak shots to the right and the great rounds gave a false sense that things are getting better.

As a fan of golf, I don’t want Tiger to follow the path I did. Tiger and I have another thing in common. Good eye hand coordination that allows an ability to manufacture a bad swing and still play to the best of our ability…which causes bad habits that are hard to break.

That is where I think Tiger is. By his own words he is adding band aids to his swing and they are different every week. He has also admitted to practicing more on his swing and less on his short game. Now we come to the relevant issue and the only one that means anything. While I am not going to even compare my mental toughness and ability to focus to Tiger’s, I am going to compare how those abilities deteriorated in my game over the next 10 years till they became non existent.

You get so wrapped up mentally in your 27 swing band aids, that you wear yourself out both in the short term and long term, till your game just steadily goes down hill.

I am not suggesting Tiger will deteriorate as bad as I did, but I can foresee him deteriorating from the greatest player ever, to just another good player on the Tour.

Since most of you now think I am crazy, let me make one more comparison. For the last several years, many of my good rounds went into the tank the last 4-6 holes as I wore out mentally, while turning 68 into 75. In addition, I had long stretches in the middle of rounds where I just completely lost my game for 4 or 5 holes in a row.

Before you discount my comparisons and theories, look at Tiger’s scorecards today, at the Masters and basically all year. Then tell me how many times he has done these things during majors in previous years when he had a chance to win.

In case you are wondering what my advice to him would be…

Start hitting nothing but cuts for a while. You are hitting those great, because you don’t dive your head as much and your club is less open and more on plane when you hit the cut shots. Give muscle memory time to adjust itself and let your world class short game win tournaments for you.

There are a few technical thoughts I have as well, but he will have to call me personally to get those. 🙂 😉

I am going to leave this post on top for the rest of the weekend and I invite all comments and rebuttals.




  1. hackgolfer

    Didn’t you have another thing in common with Tiger i.e. Hank Haney?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes. I worked with him twice and then his protege for a while…oh yea, and that was followed by a knee surgery, but that was probably just a coincidence. 🙂

  2. BruinMel

    What about the move where he changes his spine angle UP at impact? That’s the move I’m noticing today anyway.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      He has to do that to make room for his arms to extend. He usually pulls his spine/head away from the ball to do that.

  3. SB Bruin

    His swing looks as bad as I’ve seen it. He truly looks like he is just winging it out there. What’s the over/under on Haney remaining as coach. I’d think Tiger is gonna have to make a move soon. That’s probably as bad as i’ve seen Tiger play. His swing looks out of control. It used to be just a wonderfully powerful swing. Now, it LOOKS like he’s swinging too hard.

  4. CaryK

    If Tiger were to dump Haney and work with someone else, who do you think would be a good choice for him? I think his ego would only allow someone that would be dedicated to only him and not big names so that kind of rules out a reconciliation with Butch. Anyone you know that would be willing to deal with Tiger and has the ability to help him fix his current swing?

  5. CaryK

    Excluding yourself of course … lol

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t think he would ever go back to Butch, so he is out. It is really tough nowadays to find an instructor that isn’t a cookie cutter teacher. I absolutely hate the theories of every major guru right now.

      Right now, if I were the best player in the world and I needed an new set of eyes, I would run an essay contest.

      Have people send in letters of 100 words or less on what they would work with me on, and I would pick the one that sounded the best.

  6. Joanne

    Tiger IS golf for me. While I can enjoy watching other golfers too, the pure beauty of Tiger’s naturalness, focused discipline, and obvious love of the game provides the spirit of golf to me. Those same components of beauty will bring him back.


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