Finally some one said it

“He is underneath the plane.”

No mention of the head dive, but at least they have half of it…but not why it’s happening.


WOW…none of the golf experts are talking about the dive, but I am watching 1st and 10 from yesterday on my DVR and Skip Bayless just talked about it.

Golf “experts” should be ashamed of themselves that this doofus, who thinks he knows about golf (and doesn’t) is getting it, and they are not.



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  1. Tony Kim

    The Sturgeon, hanging in there! He was always my favorite player since I first began playing. (Tom Watson)

    What’s sort of ironic is that Tiger supposedly dives his head to generate more power, but the real result is that it’s preventing him from making consistent solid contact (oh yeah, in addition to being wild off the tee). And since solid contact is important for hitting it long, Tiger’s head-bobbing = short, & not accurate.


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