I am laughing at all the golf announcers.

I am not promoting any sort of rocket science. I am also redundancy personified.

It is obvious that Tiger’s head is diving more than anyone on any tour in the world, yet golf announcers are coming up with every reason but that to explain Tiger’s shots to the right.

It doesn’t take an expert on the golf swing to realize that dropping your head and pulling off it will leave the club underneath the plane and the club face open. My wife, who knows nothing about golf asks me five minutes ago while I was watching Tiger’s round on the Tivo, “why is his head going down so much when he swings? No one else seems to do that.”

Yet the people who the networks have entrusted their coverage to are saying things like…

“His biceps are too big”-Johnny Miller

“He looks like he is getting in front of it”-Ian Baker Finch

and my favorite…

“He is standing about an inch too far from the ball”-Peter Kostas

and another one as I am typing this.

“He can’t melt the backswing and the downswing”

What the **** does that mean?

Tiger, just start hitting a cut on every shot. That will help you get the club back on top of the plane without having to futz with your swing anymore this week and your short game will win for you.




  1. Linda Guyett


  2. Roy Gilley

    Maybe he said “meld” instead of “melt”? For the last week or two, I’ve been reading your blog and watching your videos. Great stuff.


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