Best expletive contest

Frank hit it really solid the second round that spilled over into today.

His putter (the best part of his game and among the best in the world), abandoned him.

He missed several putts inside 15 feet but was 2 under for round two and on the cut line going into the 36th hole.

He 3 putted that hole to miss the cut by one.

While watching shot tracker I spouted every expletive I could think of and thought of some new ones.

I was upset FOR him.

My 3 year old son asked me “what’s wrong daddy?”

I need some new expletives I can say in front of my kids while I am living and dying with every shot my boy Frank hits.




  1. HoldTheLag


  2. HoldTheLag

    Or, in the spirit of this website: SWINGCRACK SNORTING LAG HOLDING

  3. Calvin

    Slat a rat and peg a loomer!

  4. Mike Divot

    “That mashie-niblick!”

    “Why, shallow my plane and pivot my pronation!!”

    “Leadbetter it all!!!”

  5. Calvin

    Needs a ******* flying wedgie.

  6. coops

    I am waiting for the opportunity to use either/both of the following… in a suitable anguished, pained tone…
    ‘Judas Priest!’
    and, best of all…
    ‘Mother Theresa’

    go look at Scott’s story on

    My favourite part which inspires the above:

    I was flogged once, at my aunt’s club. It wasn’t sexual at all, but I almost went into shock. I kept calling out “Judas Priest!” and “Mother Teresa!” I didn’t want to curse in front of my family. ”

    Keep the good work on golfwrx!


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