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First I want a huge shout out to my boy Matt. Two of my students asked me to play yesterday afternoon and Matt broke par for the first time.

He about gave me a heart attack on 18. He was 1-under, had about a 30 footer for birdie and says, “I three putt this green all the time.

He then runs it 6 feet past. If two of my boys three putted on back to back days to miss the mark by one, I was going to have an exorcism.

He saved me and made it.

I had a fun round. Preparing or the long drive in October, I am starting to work on making a bigger turn. Today I got the urge to pull the handle when I made that big turn and hit 4 errant drives. Two weren’t that bad (missed fairway by a dew yards on holes I wouldn’t hit driver in a tourney) two were very bad.

That’s 8 penalty shots. I also three putted 9 for par.

Makes it funny that I had a 15 footer to break par on 18. Yes, you read it right.

I would not wish that collapse Adam Scott had on my worst enemy. Some people never recover from that. I hope he wins and soon to get this out of his head.

The Foley and Tiger fans can hate on me but I still think that shoulder turn is too vertical on the downswing and requires too much manipulation at the bottom. It doesn’t hold up when he really needs it.

I will put it this way.

I say the golf swing is not a pin hole it is a window and you are trying to get close to the middle of the window.

Tiger’s swing is too close to the edge of the window. He can pure it on the range, during regular tour events and early on during majors. As soon as the extreme heat arrives, he goes outside the window.

You can disagree and call me wrong, but that is my perception. Am I supposed to hide my analysis because some people don’t like it?




  1. allen

    Monte , Do you have a comment on Adam Scott’s swing ? Is there a flaw or was it just Major pressure.?

    • jaybee

      FWIW: Mike Adams apparently thinks Scott and Rory tend to underhook, coming down below plane. Bob Byman thinks Rory’s fault is more due to a too strong grip though as the palms will square under pressure. Luther Blacklock talks of the “roling pull” in such situations, caused by starting the swing with the hands instead of with the left shoulder.
      Agree, would be interesting to get to know Monte’s thoughts on Scott’s particular two misses and on others losing it left under pressure. On 18, IMHO, he mainly made a strategic mistake, he should have taken the big one out which he nailed well all week.

  2. woody

    “Am I supposed to hide my analysis because some people don’t like it?” Depends on who they are and their capacity to affect your future. If they’re nobodies, fire away.

    Tiger is back. He is at the top statistically. He is back to #2 in the world. He has wins, and he puts himself in position to win. If he keeps doing that he will get more wins.

    There are only three things that can derail him: injury, scandal, and more micromanaging.

    • Calvin

      Speaking of injury that was a dangerously foolish sand shot from a kneeling position. The slo-mo showed huge stress on his left knee. Short sighted. He is back but not dominant. Phil seems to have left the building.

  3. Jim D

    Azinger said the same exact thing about Tigers swing during the telecast. He pointed out how vertical he was on the downswing. He also mentioned that Tiger does not do this on the range, he pointed out the size difference of his divots from the range (small) to during his rounds (enormous). He pointed out that this is why he’s having trouble with distance control from 150-in.

  4. Wally

    You can say what you want about Tigers’ swing, However it was Tigers’ “MICKELSON MOMENT” of trying an IMPOSSIBLE shot out the bunker that may have cost him the championship

  5. meateater

    Let’s take thngs in order.

    1. “Impossible bunker shot.” I don’t think it was impossible and neither did Joe LaCava. He pointed out the guy Tiger played with Saturday executed a nearly identical shot. Hopefully he doesn’t get fired over it. You want impossible? John Daly’s bunker shot on 17 at St. Andrews in his final round where he was right up against a vertical wall. Tiger’s shot was challenging but doable. The kind of shot you have to hit occasionally to win a major.

    2. Not hitting driver. Coming home, he had a fairly stiff left to right wind. He hit driver on the par five and ended up in an area spectators had trampled down. He was lucky he didn’t go OB, etc. So I can understadn why he didn;t want to risk it again. However, Ernie hit driver at every opportunity. He played to win, Tiger, not to lose. Bottom line, tiger’s only shot was to go for it and instead he stayed conservative. Maybe this explains why he has never won a major from behind.

    3. Distance control on irons. He could have been better but everyone was having issues. He wasn’t a factor because of the triple and the fact he hit some terrible irons off the tee in the closing holes.

  6. Wally

    triple bogey in the hole, fire the caddy

  7. HoldTheLag

    Maybe Scott can get together with Kyle Stanley to talk about bouncing back from collapses.

  8. Jason

    As an Aussie myself I felt bad for him. What is it with Aussies and Majors? Remember Greg Norman? Some were unlucky, others pure chokes.

  9. jaybee

    Personally, I dislike that deliberate squatting move most. Foley is obviously a big proponent of it, but also, so it seems, Denis Pugh.
    I think it’s fine if it happens naturally but one should not force or exaggerate it or try to build it in or reinforce an existing one.
    Tiger actually hit a FAT teed up iron shot on one of those Par3’s, IMHO due to mistiming that move, and as we all know, pro’s wanna have thin and right misses rather than fat left ones.


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