The Perfect Swing

I am at The True South Classic in Mississippi. What I am about to say is not hyperbole or a joke.

I would take the average golf swing that I see here on Golf Wrx than the morass of unfolding lawn chairs I have seen this week.

We really have to cut this notion that a perfect swing is the road to better golf.

Good grief I saw some guys that looked like they couldn’t break 80 (in either asthetics or results) and threw 68 on the board. Your response would be they must have great short games. Well, I saw them chip and putt too and it wasn’t any better.

I saw two way misses on the range, flubs, chunks and shanks on the practice green and some of the most yippy putting strokes. Yet nearly the entire field is +1 or better…and this is not an easy course. A solid tree lined test golf golf with fast firm greens with subtle slopes…and pins 3-4 pace from th edge.

My point is not to demean guys who are or were great players. I am trying to stop some of you from nitpicking your moves.

Sorry for the rant, but I am appalled with myself for ruining my game searching for the perfect swing and I am hoping to stop some of you from doing the same.

PS-I saw a former winner (Len Mattiace) barely able to get the ball in the air because he was trying so hard to hit every perfect position. It took him 3 minutes to hit every ball on the range as he rehearsed every “P” in his swing.

I played with him a few times and he is a really good guy. I hated to see him struggling so much….even though he shot 69…lol.

OK, maybe a little hyperbole.




  1. Wally

    the U.S.G.A. the R&A and the PGA of America and Europe should make a rule not to allow any SWING COACHES of any kind on any of the golf courses during a tournament. All the players would improve. I. E. how butch harman is ruining Phils’ play

  2. woody

    1) “We really have to cut this notion that a perfect swing is the road to better golf.”

    2) “I am trying to stop some of you from nitpicking your moves.”

    Er, does this have any application to the idea of swing plane?

    PS–I went to a Senior Tour practice day. I saw people killing the ball–people I’ve never heard of. 160 or 170 par-3 was like shooting ducks in a barrel. I saw very good putting. Most shots on the range were impressive. The weakest aspect of some players seemed to be the chipping/pitching green, and I saw some chunks off a perfect lie. The tees were back as far as they could go, and I believe Langer hit 17 greens on the first day of the tournament.

    Lest any reader take you too seriously, if anyone thinks that they can make it on Tour, first see a psychiatrist.

  3. mike

    how is Frankie feeling going into todays round?

  4. jaybee

    …and what did he do differently on the back 9 compared to the front 9- implementing or discarding your advise, or something completely unrelated?

      • jaybee

        should be promising then- keep us posted on the details please.
        good luck 2day and hopefully over da weekend2

  5. theMIKE

    I just rated this post excellent:)

  6. mike

    are they going to play today?


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