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  1. Jason

    Arm lift? Seems like something to avoid in general…Would feel like an interim position and not a swing output…

  2. jaybee

    Not rolling the forearms in the takeaway is important IMHO in order to do this properly.
    Learned that from watching your swing and its 9.00 face position.
    Also takes care of a too flat shoulder turn.

  3. IPM

    Your advice on arm lift (and releasing from the top) has really helped my golf swing tremendously. Now I make solid contact more often, and I am a club longer.

  4. Jason

    Is there an arm lift video? I must be thinking about it the wrong way…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Jason, not rocket science.

      The arms must lift at the same angle the shoulders turn, if they don’t, the arms get behind the turn, if that happens, the arms must lift late to get back in front of he turn.

      It’s just about things matching. If the spine is tilted 45* from standing straight up and down, the arms must lift at a 45* angle to match the shoulders turning at 90* to the spine.

      • Geoff Dickson

        I agree. For me, the key to an effective (i.e. high) arm lift is a 90*-to-the-spine shoulder turn (just as Monte preaches).

  5. blacksox

    Arm lift? There is nothing wrong with a little lift of the arms…….sometimes trying to perfect the path of a golfswing there is a loss of feel and timing.

  6. Christian

    This sounds like a zen koan

    • Mike Divot

      That’s a good one!

      “But master”, said the student. “In Five Lessons, Hogan says you should …”

      The master then hit the student on the head with a niblick, and the student was enlightened.

  7. coops

    I like that Mike.

    Take a look at this youtube for a giggle or the horror if it, Gregg McHatton saying there is no up in the backswing,,,,, oy vey. Why isn’t golf instruction working we ask….?

    • blacksox

      That loading action is fluid and dynamic,,,,,,but if you look at it closely… you see the sequence of the arm travel? Drag, Float, Sweep and Lift to the shoulder plane. It is old school and very rhythmical. As the arms work up, the head goes down. Nothing wrong with any of it……..rhythm makes it all flow freely and dynamically.

    • jaybee

      Risking to run afaoul of the plane police, I would argue that there are two different, working and on plane swings, the more flat/connected/1PS and the more upright/synchronized/2PS or however you would like to call them or define plane.

      Some things work with both, some can be mixed and matched, some can’t.
      McHatton’s comment makes sense for the former, Steve Bann’s/Monte’s for the latter.

      Btw, it really is physically impossible to not lift your arms in the backswing with either: if you turn your shoulders 90 degrees, keep the arms completely still/connected to your chest/the trinagle intact and cock your wrists, where do end up with your hands and arms?! Max. at 9.00 and you will look like Quasimodo.

    • Robert Johansson

      He is right in how he defines it, when the spine angle is moved towards the ground the action revolves aorund the mid parti of the back and so its no up then just around..

      Doing it that way ensure a good mechanical action even if you hit it short that way.

  8. Robert

    I could McHatton hit the ball all day, beautiful swing!

  9. coops

    Just to be clear – i like his swing too, but why say there in no up when there is? If you say “it doesn’t FEEL like any up to ME”, then fine… but don’t try and tell people the arms don’t actually lift at all in a golf swing.


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