Perception versus reality

Frank is a two time PGA tour winner.

Pretty much puts him in the top one one hundredth percentile of awareness of what to do with his body to hit a good golf shot.

We have worked for a year to not have his hip turn so level. His right hip needed to work up more.

He tells me last week he hates that and I agreed it wasn’t working. He then tells me it feels better if his right hip went down.

What he showed me was the hip going straight up.

Feel is not real.




  1. woody

    Right hip is connected to left hip, and in fact it IS the left hip. The pelvis is a single bone. Two hips, one bone.

    If the left leg and hip are working down, the right hip must go UP.

    If the left shoulder is working down (easily verified by video), then the left hip MUST be working down too, and the right hip must be working UP.

    I agree with Frank. Trying to get the right hip UP independently of what the left leg and hip are doing…doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. Geoff Dickson

    Far be it from me to tell either you or Frank anything about golf…but would an alignment stick through the belt loops, an iphone camera and five minutes likely provide the desired lightbulb moment.

    Maybe he is unable to perceive that his perlvis is titled, hence his confusion about what is back (and around and flat) and up???

    If there really is a fundamental/universal truth of the golf swing four punters like me and pros like Frank it is this: feel and real are not the same.

  3. tim

    monte – i was wondering if you would explain how to play a fade shot? there is a lot of information here on how to play a draw, but i really struggle with playing fades. any help would be appreciated!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The long answer is a novel. the short answer is the club face needs to be open to the swing path and there are infinite ways to do that.

      the odds my way would work for you are small. I would have to see your swing to tell you how to produce one.

  4. blacksox

    Agreed……feel is not real. The square root of 2 is an irrational number. Sometimes irrational things make no sense at all but they can be functional. After all…………………………. Isn’t golf a game of opposites?

    • woody

      It’s not really opposites in this case. It’s two people thinking that they’re talking about the same thing–but they’re really talking about different things.

      Monte is coming from a video perspective, where he can draw lines on a video snapshot and determine up and down.

      Frank is coming from a “feel” perspective, where he wants to feel his right leg getting”loaded,” which he perceives as “down.”

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Woody, frank called, he wants you to teach him because you know so much.

      • Robert Johansson

        Monte I am with woody on this one.
        Frank can call me to. 😉

      • woody

        Well, the problem is that it sometimes changes on me. Occasionally, writing it here makes me realize that I wasn’t quite right. Thanks.


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