Yesterday’s video

It probably provided a good laugh for everyone. The problem is golf instruction is packaged up exactly the same way…and while there is some decent stuff out there, most of it is about as effective and innovative as the Ran’ge golf ball.

As a side note, tell me the informercials for “The Air Hammer” aren’t just as ridiculous as the Ran’ge.




  1. woody

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” ~ credited to P. T. Barnum (1810–1891)

    • woody

      While researching bullcr@p, I came across 2 records that Monte could go for:

      1) Jack Hamm holds the world record for longest drive at 1,012 yards when in 1996 he hit a ball down the east runway at the Stapleton International Airport in Denver.

      2) Jack Hamm also holds the Guinnes World Record for the longest carry of a golf ball at 458 yards at Highlands Ranch, CO, on July 20, 1993.

      Hmmm…high altitude…maybe down a mountain side…?

  2. blacksox

    Modern day golf instruction? Great technology abused by a majority of golfers who have no idea what they are looking at. Great teachers like Frank Beard have been forced out of the industry because simple analysis is no longer stylish. Just a question…… many teachers out there have actually broken par in a tournament?

    • calvin

      Do you mean ZZ Top’s drummer or the guy who won 11 times on the PGA tour? I didn’t know either one of them taught golf.

  3. blacksox

    Either way you look at it, they would probably prescribe the same thing…….drugs and take 2 weeks off then quit the game!

  4. eric


  5. Andrew

    I love watching the Hammer ads at night. I laugh my ass off and my wife doesn’t understand why I want to watch it. I think it’s because 15 years ago I might have bought his stupid crap. Seems like I got a lot better at golf when I got rid of my massive golf magazine collection also.


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