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  1. woody

    Great article. I wonder if you noticed that almost all of the key goof-ups have something to do with determining the look of the club to an outside observer.

    Hold the lag, club to parallel, and float loading are all club-centered.

    The things you mention are body-centered: strong core, everything working together.

    In all of the club sports, nobody cares about what the club is doing because the player can’t see it: baseball, hockey, polo, jai lai, tennis, badminton, cricket…everything except golf, where they have all sorts of rules for what the club should be doing.

    By trying to arbitrarily optimize the club, they sacrifice optimizing the body, where the power, speed, and accuracy come from. X-factor, opposite of optimizing the body, prevents the body from working as a coordinated whole–it’s based on a misunderstanding of how pro golfers use their bodies.

  2. Jimmy B

    Very Great Article.
    Couple this article with one of your earlier videos about crunching the r shoulder into the body on the down swing instead of moving left / dropping the arms and rotating to the finish ties it all together.
    Less is more…..also in golf.

  3. IPM

    Great article Monte. That’ll set em straight.

  4. calvin

    “The point is if you are wasting time trying to accomplish things that can actually be detrimental to distance and excellence, how can you do the basic building block moves that all good players and long hitters have?”

    As a veteran hack I really appreciate you for bringing common sense into play. I believe that every golfer starts out as a hack and if fortune smiles they transition into a player. Can you articulate what happened when you made that transition or was it so gradual as to be hard to describe?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When I was 16 and told no more baseball, I hit balls for 4-5 hours every day and played most days for 6 months and went from a 20+ to a scratch.

      • calvin

        So it was a gradual process earned with intense effort.


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