Better Shoulder rotation




  1. calvin

    🙂 You look almost Hogan-like in that demo.

  2. woody

    First, I’m not commenting because I know more than you. I’m commenting because I want you to be the best instructor on the planet.

    There is always the danger that someone will take you literally. “Shoulder” rotation cannot rotate the body, it’s only a handy gauge for an instructor…and maybe for some golfers. The body weighs a lot (resistance), so it would help if you don’t have to drag it around. Maybe a bit of push to work with the pull.

    I’m not going to LINK to another guru, but Shawn Clement (I like about 5 of his 160+) has a video that demonstrates that the shoulders can only turn about 20º. So, if you are getting 90-110º of “shoulder” turn, then it is almost all coming from below the shoulders.

    I like the word “external” rotation. You’re equipped with some good external rotators. However, you can’t see the main one, and something else has to work together with it–some internal rotation on the other side of the external rotation.

    Below is a LINK to a chick wearing tights that show leg muscles–but lets pretend that it’s a left-handed golfer, like Bubba Watson. Notice what her right leg is doing. If you don’t have a plan for your legs (heavy) to cooperate with your backswing, maybe they’ll cooperate…and maybe they won’t.

  3. blacksox

    Agreed…..skeletal muscle will rotate the shoulders but only if there is flexibility in the skeletal muscle. If this is the case……then the shoulders will rotate in coordination with the skeletal groups throughout the entire body. The important thing is, to identify the level of your flexibility. Great Video!

  4. jaybee

    Whenever I try to turn the right shoulder more, to feel the stretch more and turn the back toward the target, I get even longer and more across the line with my backswing.

    • woody

      Maybe the way to get more shoulder turn is to do something besides turn the shoulders more. It’s more about how you use the rest of your body.

  5. calvin

    It looks like you are doing what pitchers refer to as scapula loading.

  6. woody

    I could almost put my stamp of approval on this (LINK below), but he doesn’t tie it together.

    He mentions torso, lower body…you need a way to get it all to work together. A coordinated person (Monte) does it automatically, without thinking about it. A spaz doesn’t. (1:48)


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