Passive hands, passive arms, quiet hips, etc.

The more I teach the more I want to toss these “restrictive” ideas out the window. There are always exceptions, but the golf swing is best as a cohesive motion where everything matches and works together.

Sometimes a temporary passive feel might work, but I am of the ilk that we need to speed up what’s lagging, instead of slow down what’s racing.

Now if you want to delay what is firing too quickly, I am not opposed to that. However, slowing it down just leads to “just swing easy.”

Again, sometimes you have to slow something down, for something else to link up, but that’s temporary. Let’s try and throw all of this slowing down and passivity out with yesterday’s newspapers and get things moving.

No more restricted hip turn, passive hands and swing in a barrel.

I know, I know, I am against lower body lateral movement in backswing and upper body lateral movement in downswing….but only because they restrict the movements we want…i.e. free backswing hip turn and free downswing arm swing.




  1. blacksox

    I agree. A lack of speed comes from a lack of skill, reps, or a physical injury. In any one……or a combination of these scenarios……..a FORCED restriction during the course of a swing will only lead to one thing…………..CHAOS! In my opinion, leave the chaos theories to the studs a Berkeley and MIT……..and get back to playing golf, point noted!

  2. calvin

    You are sounding more and more Pennicky. 🙂

    • woody

      Harvey Penick…he seemed more of a “parts” guy than a “whole” guy.

      Wasn’t he the one who advocated bringing the right elbow to the right pocket? Maybe you can dabble with that stuff if you’re dealing with somebody who already has a great swing.

  3. Robert Evans

    I like it. I want to speed it up! Git r done.


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