Am I being a Grinch

When I want to make fun of someone when I hear them say…

“I am trying to increase my launch angle by 1* to maximize my distance.”

Someone actually said this on GolfWrx.

I mean really? Their launch angle disparity over 10 drives is probably 10*

I have been a near PGA Tour level golfer at one time and here is what a launch monitor told me.

I had a 6* disparity between balls that I hit highest and lowest. The swings and contact are slightly different. I absolutely put two perfect swings on two consecutive balls. They looked identical to the eye and flew the same distance on the range. The launch monitor told me there was a 2* launch angle difference.

OK, maybe I don’t want to make fun of these people, but this micromanaging everything down to the minutest level is not making people better at golf. I believe it is actually making them worse. It takes the focus away from playing golf.

On this blog I am trying very hard to generalize concepts and communicate them in different ways so everyone gets a shot at learning something…including me.

My hope is that more and more people read this blog and say things like, “I don’t care about that, but it is a very interesting way to look at it.”

I want people to read this blog, become more educated about golf and their own game. I do not want everyone reading every article and implementing everything I write.

I want people to find one thing I write that helps them simplify their game and just find the rest of it informative and entertaining.




  1. Calvin

    Monte, it looks like next year will be your last shot at making the show via Q school.
    How do you feel about the changes?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It feels good. I just need some time to get physically healthy again.

      • Calvin

        But with the rule changes I mean, next year is the last under current rules. After next year the best you could do is Nationwide. How do you like the new rules?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        They should have made these rule changes 20 years ago.

  2. woody

    “micromanaging everything down to the minutest level is not making people better at golf. I believe it is actually making them worse.”

    –Maybe every golf bag should be required to bear that label…like the smoking warning on a cigarette pack.

  3. wally

    Stress does not build character, stress “reveals” character

  4. Nollie Swynnerton

    IMO, your blog is a delight to read. Speaking only for myself, two things stand out, 1) your iconoclastic “take” is absolutely refreshing (“Dave Putz”— har, har) and 2) your advice tends to be “spot on”. Gotta tell ‘ya, three or four of your tips and videos have made a distinct improvement in my long game. My large library of golf instruction books, DVDs, e-mags, combined with lessons over 50 years with dozens of alleged golf pros, don’t have the wisdom and simplicity of presentation that you have provided. Monte Scheinblum’s blog…what a find! Thank you.

  5. Andrew

    Grinch? NO, The shining star that leads us to a simpler, better, and more fun golf game? Yes………too much?:)

  6. pcb_duffer

    Monte, has anyone ever put an Iron Byron on a launch monitor, just to see how perfectly it reproduces a swing? I’d be interested to know if it varied the launch angle by 1* over 100 swings, etc.


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