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  1. woody

    “Snatching the club with hands & arms from the top.”

    –Probably because they’re snatching the club away with hands & arms at the bottom too. When you do something going back, it’s hard to mentally shift gears to start down, and do something totally different.

    If that’s correct, the real problem is having an arm swing. Your good swings had a lot more body working together.

    All “slow” on the way back does is keep you from throwing yourself off balance with your arms. Pause at the top lets things catch up that should have been working together.

  2. Calvin

    It’s why I love your rhythm and release drill. I can work on those concepts anywhere for as long as I like. Grip pressure, tension, balance, turn, etc.

  3. Jason

    Good Video. I need to work on these issues as well.

  4. tom

    good video. great point.

    one criticism …

    most golf instruction seems to focus on what NOT to do. unfortunately the result is often similar to what happens when focusing on not hitting the ball in the water, or not hitting the ball OB versus focusing on hitting the ball in the fairway.

    this video lesson would be greatly enhanced by about 60 seconds spent describing focus/drills/feelings that facilitate doing the RIGHT thing i.e. preventing the snatch and grab from the top.

  5. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Good point!


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