My view of Tiger this weekend

People can disagree till they are blue in the face (and I approve of open debate, so that’s OK), but it is my firm belief that Tiger and Foley have changed focus on what he is working on and not that either of them care, but I approve.

He was able to control his ball flight in the wind on Saturday and the driver swings I saw, the shoulder turn and amount of head dive looked solid.

As I have said before, the head dive is not a problem per se, as long as it isn’t too pronounced.

Like I said when he played well under Haney and now Foley, it was not relevant to me how he scored one round or one tournament, but how I thought his game was progressing and would he win majors.

I know it’s easy for me to say this after a win, but I have criticized his swing after wins before. His swing is moving in a positive direction and maybe he can put more work on his short game.

He was able to hit clutch tee shots in the fairway and clutch iron shots under pressure coming down the stretch. That put him in position to win the way Tiger wins…with his putter.

I have not seen that in a while. I know it’s just a silly season event, but this is the first sign I have seen that Tiger is actually starting to move in a positive direction with his game in many years.

That steep, over the top practice swing he was making this week, tells me he knows exactly what his issue is. The dive and vertical shoulder turn. The more the shoulders rotate around the spine, the less dip he is going to have and the easier it is going to be for him to control his stinger, control distances into the green and more importantly, keep his driver in the same zip code.

I am not ready to say he is back until he wins his next major. Unfair, or not, that is the standard he has set for himself.

However, I am of the opinion that he is back in the right direction.




  1. Paul

    Monte–how does practicing a steep, OTT swing smooth out his vertical shoulder turn and dip?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      If you practice a very flat shoulder turn without a real swing weight shift and tilt behind the ball, it produces a very steep looking practice swing. the side benefit is there is less arm drop behind the body, which is also an issue Tiger faces.

  2. Mike Z

    Monte, do you have any thoughts on Sherwood?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t care for it. I think there are a few weird holes. It falls under that “pretty and challenging” category that I have railed against.

      The 16th hole is exactly the type of hole I don’t care for.

  3. woody

    And, the travesty of it all is that Foley will be given credit for Tiger’s success. If somebody plays enough golf, they will learn to move their body in a way to accomplish what they want. That’s how we learn sports, and Tiger already knew the sport better than most. Chances are, he didn’t internalize Foley’s thoughts, he started taking responsibility for his own swing.

    PGA gurus, it seems, don’t know squat about the swing. All they can do is possibly knock some rough edges off of people who are already at the top level of the sport…with more failures than successes.

    “The dive and vertical shoulder turn.” Maybe we should all learn it. I’d take 70+ wins worldwide. Maybe he’s doing it the Moe Norman way.

    Shoulders? Moe: “They play over their arms, I play under my arms.”

    Question to Moe: “Do you get lower on the downswing”?

    Moe’s answer: “The lower the better.”

    A view from behind, on the target line, gives the wrong idea about “diving.” If all you had was a view of a car straight-on from behind, would you buy the car?

  4. rojoass

    If tiger keeps up with what he’s doing now he’ll continue to be a flipper. Missing it both ways but primarily LEFT.

    Sure you can play some good golf from where he is but his success doesn’t have a damn thing to do with foleys swincrack…….


  5. Brian

    I’m not sure if you wanted to keep comment sections on your latest posts strictly about the topic but I had a question for you about initiating the back swing.

    I have a tendency to flip the club to the inside at the start of the back swing and when I work on getting the club parallel to the target line at hip level it feels inconsistent. I have learned from past experience that forcing the club into certain positions will end in disaster so I was wondering how you initiate the back swing or if you have any particular feeling when starting the club back.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s no problem to ask anything at any time. You are correct about putting the club in positions on purpose being problematic.

      Having not seen a video of your swing, I can only tell you why most people do this.

      If your first move off the ball is a flat shoulder turn, the left arm losing connection with the left side of the body, or both, you will get that flipped inside move.

      You need to work on keeping that left arm connected to your side and initiate the back swing with the shoulder turn that is 90* to the spine or more vertical than what you are probably doing now.

  6. Jason

    Hey Monte, what’s your theory on intitiating the back swing, I think it helps to feel you are already in motion, what do you think?

  7. David

    I’m rather enjoying watching all the Foley critics having to eat their words. Previously he was responsible for screwing Tiger up with his nonsense and it would never amount to anything. All of a sudden Tiger ” wins ” and it’s nothing to do with Foley ! Poor guy can’t catch a break can he ?

  8. Nollie Swynnerton

    May I ask you to comment on the “over the top practice swing” that Woods does. You know he is not alone…Corey Pavin and Tom Watson in his YouTube clip in which he “discovered the secret to the golf swing in 1992(3?). Thank you.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s a practice feel used to keep the arms from getting stuck, shoulder turn getting too vertical, club getting too inside, etc.

  9. TonyK

    The steep OTT practice swing is a drill for Tiger to help accomplish what he hasn’t been able to do consistently for the past few years…. release the club properly by releasing the entire body.


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