About 2 hours before my first trip to the tee

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am pretty nervous. Anxious might be a better word.

Seeing Mobley, Pavlet and Fister for the first time in almost 20 years, and them being thrilled I was back, was great last night.

My performance this week is going to be judged like a line drive into the gap with a former gold glove center fielder chasing it down.

If he catches it, it’s a Sportscenter highlight. If he doesn’t, he’s over the hill and lost it.

No in between and I am OK with that.




  1. woody

    There’s no pressure on you. It’s not like you sweated and prepared like a madman. And, you’ll be back next year.

    It’s like riding a bike (heh-heh), you never forget how. Remember good shots you’ve made in the past. Visualize doing it again.

    Go get ’em, champ.

  2. Chris S.

    You’ve got it Monte! You’re a champ! You’ve helped countless numbers of us with our games, now its time for you to shine again. You obviously have the knowledge, talent, and dedication, just go out and have some fun! I’ll be watching the live results, good luck!!

  3. Calvin

    Just bang it.

  4. theMIKE

    2nd in rd. 2 with 407y.

  5. Mike Divot

    Rock and roll, Monte! “Four winners to round 5”, keep going!

    • rojoass

      Monte……..that is so cool !!! Obviously no Swingcrack involved here……

  6. theMIKE

    433y, he is through

  7. banner12

    Congratulations baby!

    You’re the best.


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