Last weekend

Before I get to one of the requested videos tomorrow, I want to say a few things about what you can learn from Frank’s performance last weekend.

Swing changes, no matter how good, need time for your body to assimilate them from conscious efforts into autonomic movements.

You must trust the change until that happens.

That was Frank’s issue after watching him in Vegas two weeks ago. For him left is bad and when he guards against hitting it left, he swings too far right and the ball goes left. The action/reaction and often counter intuitive nature of hitting a golf ball boggles the mind and defies logic.

Welcome to the club where a two time PGA Tour winner can shoot 64 and follow that up with a 40 the next morning.

It’s a hard game and trust is difficult. The moral to the story is give yourselves some time to get better. There are no quick fixes.




  1. Mike Divot

    There’s only one thing to say, and that is:

    Go Frank! and go Monte!

  2. Calvin

    64. That’s the take-away. The shot charts I saw for the other rounds were not that far off but consistently left. Is it a true pull or just not enough cut?

  3. Bob Saunders

    Thanks again for letting us on the “inside”. It is a hard game.

  4. hank

    you should be proud Monte. I have no reason to believe Frank won’t continue to improve with you as his teacher.


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