The role of the right arm

Can’t wait to see the hater comments on this video from people that don’t listen to what I say. 😀

This is one of those issues where over doing things can have a drastic and dire affect. I can also see in the video while illustrating movements, I got the club face open because my upper body was turned to talk to the camera.

I wonder how many criticisms I will get there?




  1. HoldTheLag

    Makes perfect sense to me…in fact it coincides with what I’ve discovered independently thus far. I think I might like it better than holding the lag.

  2. Bill

    I won’t be a hater on this one. You two clarifications on “too much of a good thing” makes this description acceptable for most people. This video certaintly won’t lead anyone astray.

  3. Calvin

    The fear for ams is that it would leave the face wide open.
    So instead they come over top and slice it. 🙂
    It takes a while to come to terms with it.
    Trust is involved.

  4. Hackinator

    Great tip thanks….

  5. woody

    Arron Oberholser was a Tour winner before his medical problem. Now, he’s a commentator, working to get back on Tour, I believe.

    On Golf Channel’s “Playing Lessons with the Pros,” he said that your hands are just there to hang onto the club.

    So, maybe the role of the right arm is to hang onto the right hand. (0:19) Oberholser

  6. Dan

    Between this video and the last one about the hip/goat humping I have a feel that I think I can work on over the winter. Great vids.

  7. Hackinator

    Just played the best ballstriking round of the year today with this video in
    my pea brain

  8. Tony Bumstead

    Great video as it has helped me in reducing my season long “over the top” swing.
    Just need more practice to do it naturally. Thanks Monte

  9. Dave

    This video has turned around my chipping and putting 100%.

  10. John

    This seems to help the lower body weightshift get to the front side. In other words, it helps sync things up.

  11. Peter B

    I am not a big thrower, never coul throw a ball far. This Video in combination with Montes lessons explains to me why. If Monte would get back to the tour I would stand at the 300 yards mark and try to be hit and get a glove signed lol


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