Zeroing out positions is a universal bad.




  1. Robert Johansson

    You can force a position but then you will suck at it. 🙂
    Then you join golf forum, ask questions and cant play.
    You then get frustrated, angry, annoyed and give up.
    And take that job at some store and quit the dream of a pro life.
    One day you start reading some common sense blog out there and end up here.
    Then dreams comes alive.

  2. Exilgolfer

    Monte, I got a question for you, a little psychological possibly.
    I took your Plane and Release by feel drill to the range yesterday after hitting it incredibly bad on a round on Sunday. I was only there for 30 minutes and basically did the upright swing as a pre shot routine and then bent down with the clubs stretched out in front of me. What I was feeling was, that I bent a lot more at the hips than before and therefore being more over the ball with my upper body. Anyway, I hit it great those thirty minutes, really great. But as always, I return to range today again, do the same thing and it is a mixture of good and bad shots and the good feeling that I had was not really there. So, here is the question, why is that so? Why does it usually work so well, when you change something and then you can’t keep it. Is the old creeping in automatically? Do you start thinking to much? How do you commit better to things, that feel good and seem to work better?

    • Robert Johansson

      You cant do the same thing the next day, due to the past feeling cant be done the next day. make sure you do it better the next practice.
      a change takes some time to build feel for it.

    • Calvin

      You may think you are doing the same thing but you are not. Besides if you are working on one thing you might do it well and still hit a bad shot. Today I played and hit every shot with my trail hip in mind. I concentrated on moving it toward the target and not going out to the ball or God forbid retreating backward. It was a great learning experience and I hit a lot of great shots but I hit some awful ones too. If you are working on something that you know is right you can’t let bad shots throw you off track. One thing at a time with some degree of suffering. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You got a couple of good answers already. I will add that improvement in golf is not a linear progression. It’s often 10 steps forward and 9 steps back.

    • Robert Johansson

      Golfer I coach, hit it so good in the evening like super shots.
      Then the next day he is still pumped up so he goes out and works on a morning practice. Cant hit good at all, reason why is he tried to hit the same shot he did yesterday which was a day later then the memory the athlete use wont work.
      Calls me up and complains, I told him – tried to replicate the feel from yesterday right?
      Millions of athletes tries that, wont work.
      Told him to hit a even better shot that yesterday, case closed.

  3. Exilgolfer

    It is so hard to stick to something, if you don’t have an authority that tells you: THIS IS GOOD, it feels bad and weird now and for some time, BUT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. Maybe I do have to fly in Monte 🙂

  4. Mike Richardson

    Hi Monte,

    So, the left arm rotating down the body is the “dump” and then you pour on the rotation? There will be a certain amount of shoulder rotation while you’re “dumping” but it only really takes off after you feel the club in front of you?

  5. Jason

    Just abandol control altogether to gravity and centrifugal force and it just happens. Toss the club back, let inertia levitate the club/ arm unti up, wait, let the club fall and and assist gravity and the last second to swing through the ball. The crap happens for trying to control the swing and trying to “hit” the ball.

    • rojoass

      Root of the problem….”you’re tying to do something”.

      The cure……..if I insist at some point to smoke the crack pipe……..I smoke only the part relative to my set-up.

      • bobs34

        Personal opinion is that what Rojo says above is huge! I don’t buy that you can’t make the same swing day after day or keep a change that worked the day before. I think what most people dont do is pay enough attention to their setup when they start striping balls on the range. The next day they try to make the same swing but their stance width may be a little different, ball position the balance on their feet, may be thier spine angle ir axis tilt, your butt ‘s a little more tucked in or pushed out elbows closer or further away at address, tension, etc… If any of those things are different, you can’t repeat the swing so then you have to make changes to match whatever setup you have that day…

  6. sssc (@sssc)

    hey, pro
    hopefully in the future you can put together a vid of you actually hitting a driver, and walk / talk us through it. im back to driving off my right leg & dropping the darn club behind me. of course, from there it is rocking blocking and snapping left or, wipping it right out of bounce.

    i thought i had this crap fixed. i absolutely have to feel like my legs are cemented & i cast or throw it from the top. anything else and it is horrendous.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Remind me in a week or two if I don’t do this. Good idea.

      • Exilgolfer

        If you want I “donate” a video and you can show it with someone who has not a “perfect” swing…


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