It’s 6:30 in Dallas.

I hope to have some good stuff for you the next few days. Frank is confident as _____, which means I have done my job. He is happy with how much I have simplified things for him. He is getting feel and awareness back in his game.

He still doesn’t feel quite right with his 50-80 yard shot. If you recall we had a great session doing this is Jacksonville. I suspect he is rushing a bit in the transition and that forced him to not quite accelerate through impact.

The same issue I saw a few weeks ago, but I am sure not as pronounced. He also thinks he has a handle on why my putting has been so horrid this year, so I might get some help too. There isn’t a better guy to work with on putting than Frank. Some of the best putting rhythm in all of golf.




  1. Dave Dunlop

    rythym can be so important in putting, i hadnt realised how jabby my stroke had got from putting on these slow wet english greens all winter, had developed a ‘hit’ in my stroke. putting so much better now ive been working on the rythym and tempo of my stroke

  2. Calvin

    We’ll be following and rooting for Frank but just as a diversion how about your opinion on Tiger at Sawgrass since you just played it? 🙂

    When I played Sawgrass wayward tee shots were not forgiven but my game is very different of course. I would think it may suit Duffner.

  3. Robert Johansson

    guess his 50-80 yard shot is like a teenager wanting to fuck something too fast. 😉

    Good to hear he coming back.

  4. Swaff

    I know it’s business, but some can’t miss eateries in the Dallas area:

    Twisted Root Burger Co.
    Campisi’s Italian
    Pluckers Wing Bar
    Fuel City Tacos
    Torchy’s Tacos

  5. Ron I

    Putting instruction next on blog? At least some putting observations!


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