You have got to be kidding me!

Over 100,000 people have watched this video and now stink at golf. This is an example of the nasty stuff that is out there and what people are listening to.

Let’s teach people to decelerate and in the end, make a swing so slow, that you are forced to be tense and manipulate the club into “proper positions” and hold the lag.

Some may say this is in the same vein as my “Plane and release by feel” video and this drill would be fine if he did not advocate hitting the ball.

Most golfers need to learn to accelerate better, not make a slower version of the swing they have.

As far as it being a drill to “feel” where things are…It actually creates an ever greater need for more manipulations in order to get into “proper positions,” which is what most golfers do when they “make a full turn” and don’t accelerate properly past the ball…and will really mess with the people who manually try and put the club into positions during the swing.

How can you feel where you are if you don’t have full acceleration acting on the club and your body?

I am sure there are people out there who think this drill will help, or has helped them, but I think it accentuates issues most golfers need to get rid of.

Making a swing that is too long, extra arm tension controlling the downswing and not accelerating properly all the way though to the finish.

I am sure all of his students are pronating 37* at P5. The way he enunciates “swing” sounds suspiciously like Leadbetter, so it would not surprise me to hear he is a disciple.

Please forgive my rant, but this was frustrating for me to watch after a reader sent it to me…to provoke my rant…LOL.

OK, maybe it isn’t as terrible as I am saying (actually it is), but I am just frustrated with all of this nastiness out there corrupting people’s golf games…then every new student I get, I spend the first two or three lessons deprogramming them before I can actually start making some headway into simplifying things for them.

I must be doing something wrong. My most popular video has only 15,000+ hits.

My next video is going to be titled, “How to hit the ball 100 yards farther.” I am then going to stand in front of the camera and say, “Widen the arc, restrict your hip turn, make a full turn to parallel, swing inside/out, create as much lag as possible to start the downswing, hold that lag as long as possible, don’t slide, create as much forward shaft lean as you can, make a scratch finish and pose.”

Everyone will get the shanks and the tops, but I will make a million dollars.

Honestly, I am feeling bitter for my old self and the golfing public that is continually sold beach front property in Kansas…and the following is a perfect example.

I will probably get hate email from the guy in the video now. Just like I did from that cheeseball who teaches people to swing like Iron Byron when I talked about that being a bad idea.

Like I have said many times now, “I am through worrying about offending people who don’t like me anyway.”





  1. spanky

    “How can you feel where you are if you don’t have full acceleration acting on the club and your body?”

    This is the problem with it in a nutshell!

    How the hell can you make valid comparisions of feel between 100% & 5% swings, when the 5% swing has none of the forces that happened in a full swing?

    Totally beyond me why he would think this is a good drill.

    More like a drill for drills sake, or a posiers type of drill.

    Again – Totally beyond me!

  2. Doug Benner

    Nice little wrist flip he does to hit the ball at the 5% swing. Now that’s a good feel to ingrain – not.

    • Calvin

      Yeah, nice slooow motion downswing and snip at the bottom. Just part of a huge body of instruction that does nothing but take up space and time. Oh boy if I do this a couple hundred times I’ll be a great ball striker.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        If by great ball striker, you mean great at striking balls into sliding glass doors off the side of the tee…then I agree.

  3. Wally

    Monte thanks for this post, I needed a good laugh. Golfers are like Lemmings

  4. Der Exilgolfer

    Monte, what do you think of Harvey Penick’s slow motion drill (doing the swing as slow as possible, without a ball, even slower).
    The more I read stories from his little red book, the more I find those ideas copied out there by teachers one way or another…

    • carrera

      Yup, this idea is straight from the Little Red Book. Penick actually advocated doing it even slower. Hogan did this drill also, in that home video of him at George Coleman’s Palm Beach house…of course with no flip…the slo mo drill starts around 5:00:

      • Monte Scheinblum

        To Der exgolfer and cabrera. I don’t have much problem doing this without a ball.

        What he did in that video at the 5 minute mark is RIDICULOUS.

        Manipulation central.


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