You have got to be kidding me.

This video speaks for itself.

PK must have naked pictures of some network exec.

How many mistakes can you count he made in this video?





  1. Al

    He has pictures is the only explanation. It’s so sad that so many viewers swallow all his analysis as gospel. Al

  2. Bruce

    I like PK, but he has very little credibility with me. I usually let his analysis go in one ear and out the other.

  3. Joeunc

    I guess PK has never seen “Bump, Dump and Turn” huh???

  4. Eric

    He must absolutely hate Harvey Penick

  5. Calvin

    Wrong stuff:
    1. Starting down by bumping left hip is bad.
    2. Releasing from the top is bad..
    3. Swinging the driver clubhead up thru the ball is bad. (looks pretty level to me).
    4. Holding secondary tilt is bad.
    5. Poor David Toms. He’s never won anything.

  6. atyler16

    Isn’t he the instructor for Paul Casey? Poor guy.

  7. Jimmy B

    It is obvious he never heard of Brian Manzella out of New Orleans. This is a no hook swing he works with DT on at times… Straight up with back swing…while moving into the RS. Then move over to the left ….and then drop the swing and rotate left big time
    Kinda like the Monte Move

  8. Tom McNamara

    I wish I had those kind of problems! Looks like the example for Bump, Dump and Turn.

  9. Mike Divot

    Hey, give the guy a break. He is doing you a favor by using imagery and language that clue you in to the fact that he is straight from the Dark Ages of golf instruction.

    * obsession with 90 degree angles & other pretty pictures
    * language like “power leak”

    It’s like he’s sending us a coded message. DANGER. STAY AWAY. Thanks, Peter, we will.

  10. Esteban Tornado

    Come on everybody, (monte) don’t leave us hanging, obviously PK is wrong and you all are right so tell me what is correct, or do I have to sign up or pay for a lesson to find out ?


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