Yesterday was a rough day

First I want to address some comments from yesterday.

Two people said I only bring up my inconsistency just before a tournament.

One person said I need to find an instructor and trust what he says.

Two people said I can’t be thinking about hip turn while I am swinging.

Um, folks, I have made no secret that inconsistency is what kept me off the Tour and it is a prevailing theme every time I talk about my game.

In yesterday’s post I specifically pointed out that I found someone to work with that I trust and he is helping me work things out.

I don’t stand in the middle of t he fairway with 7 iron in my hands and think ‘30% more hip turn.”

My hip turn is deficient, that is why I am still having consistency issues and I have someone I trust to work it out with. I expect criticism, but at least practice better reading comprehension before you call me out…LOL.

On to yesterday’s round. It got off to a great start. I got a flat tire on the way to the course and didn’t have time to wait for AAA or I would miss my tee time, so I had to change it myself.

My short game was terrible all day, especially chipping.

I hit four big pulls. 2-iron off the first tee, 8-iron into the 3rd green, 7-iron into the 8th green and 3-iron off the 16th tee. That led to 2 doubles and 2 bogeys.

I was even the other 14 holes, but that wasn’t very good either. The other 14 holes were filled with poor chipping and mediocre putting.

Having to exert myself to change the tire may have had a little bit of an affect on me early, but I am still not quite right. I was not nearly as bad as the 78 I shot, but I am still a little in between what I am trying to do and what I am actually doing. As at US Open qualifying, the biggest adjustment is dealing with my miss being left instead of right.

I drove it well and hit my wedges well today. What I really struggled with was being in between clubs and trying to hit a cut. Those where all the pulls. Any time I tried to take something off an iron or tried to hit a cut, left was in play. That tells me the hands still have too much control.

In the short term, I was a major chop yesterday. However, I saw more good things than I did in May at US Open qualifying.

The most important thing…my swing felt better, didn’t feel stuck and required less mental effort.




  1. Wally

    Both Hogan and Snead used a slightly closed stance with driver and fairway woods. However they used a slightly open stance with short irons this allows for the left side to get out of the way sooner, it also restrict the backswing just a little

  2. Dr. Stevie Lim

    Don’t preach what you cannot do yourself correctly!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You as a doctor should understand. Treating yourself is a bad idea.

      I now have someone to work with me and it is going well.

      Changes are painful and take time. You have to get worse before you can get better. That is what I preach.

      BTW, how well you can play at any given moment is not relevant to how you teach.

  3. Calvin

    78. OK you’re doing as well as Duval. 🙂

    There really is a fine line of expertise between winners and losers among those who play at your level. That said I have watched many inconsistent 67’s on the telly. Sometimes guys get in such a mental state that no bad shot can keep them down.

    When you figure out the hip turn let us know how to do it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Calvin…it’s definitely mental for me. Lack of confidence in just letting it go and lack of confidence in my ability to shoot low in a tournament.

      Both will come, I just have to play more.

  4. Doug B

    I hate to ask you about a painful subject, but could you explain a little more about what you perceive your problem is with your hip turn? You said you didn’t feel “stuck”, so I assume you feel your hips are turning through OK on the downswing. Do you feel you’re not turning enough on the backswing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s all a downswing issue. When the hip turn is linked up with my shoulder turn and release, i hit it great. When they are not in sync, it like a skeet shooting range.


  5. s.

    “You have to get worse before you get better…”

    Interesting concept. In golf, about the only application that I see for that is trying to produce a “look” for a video camera.

    What you’d be trying to do is develop a “feel” that would produce that look. Since the video camera is your only feedback, you might have to try a lot of different “feels” before it produced the video that you wanted.

    So, you might get worse before you get better.

  6. Head Fish

    So, Monte, do you think that it is a swing mechanic problem or just an anatomy glitch?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I would say a combo. I have done it wrong for a while and have to retrain it. Like I always say…it’s like having to force walking naturally after you have walked with a limp for a while.


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