I understand any criticism

of me and my game. What can I say? I am terrible, both compared to how I used to be and to how I want to be again.

I have gone through some really hard times with my swing both physically and mentally…and emotionally. I am trying to discover what is supposed to work for me personally and I am sneaking up on it.

How high I am shooting right now is way more a function of being the golf equivalent of an abused pet…although it was self abuse…LOL.

I am hitting it, chipping it and putting it well enough to shoot under par every time I play. It’s all about lobotomizing myself a little bit and forgetting how bad I was.

None of my awful play has any affect in my confidence that my ever increasing knowledge can help other people get better at golf.

I will be good again, just not this week. Golf scores are not constantly trending up. We can only hope that the improvement in our feel of how to produce better golf scores constantly trends up.

That being the case, my feel is way better now than it was in May.




  1. carrera

    I enjoy reading the reports, good or bad. We are on this site and others to learn, primarily, and there is a lot to learn from the ups and downs of someone playing tournament golf.

    • Calvin

      Exactly. Butch and Led never tell anyone about their 78’s if they ever shoot that low.

      Monte keeps it real. So far he hasn’t guaranteed me one extra yard. 🙂

  2. wally

    Seriously. try running five miles a day, it will do wonders for your confidence.

  3. wally

    I do mine every day at first light, and I’m 67

    • Calvin

      Hey Wally, that’s really cool. I used to do it but my knees wore out. I’m 70 so you may not have many more years to enjoy it. If you are light framed you may not need to worry about it. I loved running and I am jealous.

  4. Dr. Stevie Lim

    Monte- “you need to believe before you can achieve” You will be judge in only on your success not on your failures!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, but most of the great successes were preceded by a number of abject failures.


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