“Just work on tempo”

My departed friend Jack would grind this into me during my struggles.

This is the second most over rated useless cliche spouted by people around the world. Behind “keep your head down.”

Sorry Jack (as I look to the sky).

First off, better tempo is not going to solve the fact that your path is too far from the inside forcing you to time the flip at the bottom perfectly.

Second, tempo is not where the problem lies. When people say work on tempo, they mean slow down. The problem is they slow down in the wrong place. They slow down the backswing. Slowing down the backswing makes you get faster in the place you need to slow down…the transition.

The thing you want to work on is Rhythm. Good golfers have fast tempos and good rhythm. Bad golfers have slow tempo and bad rhythm.

It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, you have to be one speed and that involves being patient in the transition.




  1. theMIKE

    well said, if you get quck in your transition, you shoot your arms off line, choke down the shift/turn, loose posture and suck at golf. (in a 1 p world)

  2. Calvin

    Really hard to learn since the whole darn thing, including the transition, is PDQ.

  3. jaybee

    I am really puzzled: with my normal tempo/rhythm I am slightly across the line with a cupped left wrist at the top but hitting the ball flush at the moment. If I speed up the backswing and slow down the transition (tour tempo etc.) my position at the top is more neutral/better but I hit the ball less consistent and less far- recognizing it’s diffcult without video but the downswing/impact etc. look similar: any idea why/how to fix/ which way to go?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You can time the old swing because you are used to it.

      It takes time to integrate a change.

    • Robert Johansson

      if hitting it flush why on earth you wanna change that???
      to flush it more?

      or due to other things?
      I seldom do a change unless its really called for depending on the ambition.
      swing on tour are often basically different due to the indvidual learned to find their timing and then play golf and not get some other ideas like listen to golf gurus…and get lost in the wind.

      If hitting it flush and consitent, what else ya need?

  4. kbp

    IMO, when they say tempo they mean rhythm and must people understand that. Just like when you say level shoulder turn you mean perpendicular to spine or arms in front of the body means not stuck behind. For that matter, keep your head down just means watch the dang ball until you hit it. 🙂

  5. Robert Johansson

    nr 1 change I do, tempo and grip pressure.
    and give feedback until they do it right. transformed a older guys swing so he was hitting it so good he was in heaven. then I might start to do other changes.


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