WM Phoenix Open

Guess why Two Gloves’ swing works?

Because he releases the golf club properly. If he tried to hold the lag or some other BS (LOL at comparison to Albert Pujols. Kostis is running out of things to say), he wouldn’t be able to break 90…but he releases the **** out of the club and that makes up for all of those funky gyrations.

Being a little nuts, doesn’t hurt either. Imagine if Two Gloves let some guru “fix” his swing when he was trying to figure it out. He would have ended up just as big of a chop as I was between 2005-2008.

I love the crowd in Phoenix. Give me a chance to hit on 16 on Sunday someday…please?

Are we witnessing an emerging star in Mark Wilson…and/or Jason Dufner. IMO, Bill Haas is a star already and Wilson, because of his age will need to win a major to achieve that status. Don’t know how I feel about Dufner yet.

All of those waggles Dufner made on 17 kind of gave me the willies, but what a clutch shot…and how about that sand shot on 18?

That was unfortunate what happened to Two Gloves on 17. Before you rag on him too much, that is really easy to do. I think he should have putted or hit a bump and run.

My good friend Frank Lickliter was on his way to a big finish until a bad stretch on the back 9 put him back a bit. It would have been huge for him to make the top 10 as he has lost his card.

I would not want to hit a fairway bunker shot on 18 when I needed par to tie. How about the nerves of steel on the first playoff hole on that 5 footer? Then he birdies the second playoff hole to win.

Mark Wilson has shown he has guts under pressure, both here in Phoenix and in Hawaii.

I think he is perfect for The Ryder Cup with his steady and clutch play. He will probably make it if he keeps playing like this, but if it were in two weeks and he hadn’t made the team on points…I would for sure make him a captain’s pick.




  1. Wally

    Gaineys’ swing rotates perfectly around his spine, and it took him to the BIG TIME. GURUS SHUT UP

  2. s.

    Trying to “fix” Gainey’s swing would be like trying to “fix” Lorena Ochoa’s. (Somebody actually tried that…I think when she was World #1.) Luckily, the “fix” didn’t work.

    Holding the lag can’t be eliminated until the underlying concept is eliminated. The wrong concept is that the swing consists of swinging a straight left arm, and the power comes from forcing the release of the wrist cock. That’s probably going to result in a weak shot to the right, where most people hit it.

    • S.

      P.S. If you don’t believe me about a “left arm” thought being the source of holding the lag, I just ran across this, at

      The very first word of instruction is “left arm.”

      And, if you drop down about 5 frames, you read:

      “…a 90 degree angle between left arm and club shaft which is a source of power!!!”

      So, people want to create that angle, and they hold the lag to get the power.

  3. Falcondriver

    If Tommy keeps this up, the gurus will have a new DVD set called “Learn to Swing it Like 2 Gloves”. Just glad he is true to himself and what works, all the way down to wearing 2 gloves. So many people are concerned with image instead of results and it goes way beyond golf. Hope he sees a lot of success.

  4. DF

    That it becomes even more nasty, here is a Masterprofessional praising some glorious left forarm muscles and rubber band like stretch beeing a very important power source, how on earth one can be that educated and talk such bullshit:


    you have to release it early to get a shallow angle of attack, the relative shallow angle of attack is the key to consistent ballstriking, this guy is a hack [sic!]

    • s.

      “how on earth one can be that educated and talk such bullshit”?

      Easy. Because it might feel that way to him. Suggestibility and herd mentality are factors too.

      However, don’t be too quick to discount the Rubber Band Effect. I heard Anthony Kim say something about that on his Golf Channel “Playing Lesson,” and Padraig Harrington talked about that phenomenon, without naming it, in that same venue.

      But, I don’t speak German, so it’s possible that Masterprofessional is applying the Rubber Band Effect to the wrong thing.

  5. DF

    “But, I don’t speak German, so it’s possible that Masterprofessional is applying the Rubber Band Effect to the wrong thing.”

    the left forearm would imply he is chopping it big time, steeeeeep chop. also, it would increase the pressure on the grip a lot. maybe his way is the amateurish way of doing things, in my simple world i would be more than happy if that arm has the least amound of angle, for any club in the bag.


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