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(More on the subject of today’s post Wednesday and Thursday)

Today’s post is about not relinquishing what feel drives your golf swing…and that can be tough to do because it is so individual and these things will almost always be classified as faults.

Ever since I have abandoned my lateral move I have felt stagnant, nonathletic and…like a terrible golfer.

There is a perfect analogy from a famous movie on what my lateral move did for me and what getting rid of it did.

Watch from 1:28-2:20 and you will know what I mean.





  1. Calvin D

    “Better when I move.” Makes perfect sense. Seems to be tensely concentrated aiming versus free flowing action. Video games respond to the same free flowing mind set.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Woo Hoo. We have a winner and it’s the first contestant. Well done Calvin. 😀

      That is exactly the point I wanted to make.

      • Mike from Canada


        I have been spending parts of the last few days reading your website and I know you don’t want to hear this but, you and Sean Foley have a lot in common. Of course you definitely have some differences too (Sean uses an impact bag!!)

        Anyway, the main similarity I see is that Sean says that no 2 golfers swing the club the same and he does not want to teach golfers to swing a certain way. Sean teaches some principals and believes that all great ball strikers have a similar impact position, even though they get there a different way.

        Sean also teaches a lateral move towards the target in the downswing. Although, I’m not sure he teaches this to his tour pros. I have to say that I like Mahan’s and O’Hair’s swings. I don’t think we can judge Tiger’s swing yet since they haven’t been together too long. Tiger has to unlearn all that god awful sh*t that Haney taught him.

        Speaking of Haney. Don’t you think it speaks to his ability that he can’t seem to help anyone on his show “The Haney Project”. Ray Romono was not that bad of a golfer when he started the show. I don’t think he improved at all and I think he got worse.


  2. Peter B

    LOL great 😀


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