If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter

That’s me folks, an athletic supporter. It used to only be a figurative title that friends, family and haters bestowed upon me, but now it is literal.

I got my all access PGA Tour instructor badge in the mail yesterday and it says “Player Support” on it. Picture below.

The ego in me wants to walk around with it at all times and say things like, “Why would you take lessons from a schmoe who is sanctioned by the PGA of America when you can access one who is sanctioned by the PGA Tour…” but my arrogance has its limits. 😀

I’d be lying if I said my feelings of self importance haven’t changed. I pray my feelings of superiority never reach the levels of Leadbetter, Pelz and Haney. Hopefully someone will kick my ass before that happens.

I have gotten a lot of emails asking me why I am not playing better.

They have one of two points of view.

1. You have shown yourself to be a great player in the past and your ideas on the swing are great, why aren’t you playing better?

2. If you are so good and you think you know so much about the swing, why do you still suck?

Well here you go. Group #1 is going to call the following legitimate reasons, while group #2 will call them excuses.

Either way, here is what my perception is, in no particular order, on what the biggest issue is.

1. Still haven’t figured out my putting. I am stuck between trying to do what made me successful in the past, what feels comfortable now and still some residue lack of confidence from 5-6 years of HORRENDOUS putting.

2. Hard to teach myself using a 2D video. I can do it, but it takes longer to implement a change correctly.

3. I use myself as a guinea pig to consolidate my views on the swing in order to help everyone else.

4. I don’t have time to play enough golf. This is the major issue. If I could find the time to play more than once a week, the rest of the things on this list would become almost non-factors. Between having two small children and teaching, it’s hard to find time to play 3-5 times a week, which is the minimum it takes to play elite golf. This is why I am still playing golf swing instead of golf.

5. More inward confidence in my ability to shoot low in tournament conditions. This is a chicken/egg, Catch-22 situation. Can’t play good golf until I play some good golf.

BTW, how scratch am I going to be with this badge around my neck? I think I’ll use it to go stink up the bathroom in the Butler Cabin next spring and blame it on David Leadbetter. Actually, that wouldn’t work, because apparently it doesn’t stink.




  1. T.Peters

    Your’e also very funny! (I’m serious.)

  2. Jason

    Classic. Tell the David Leadbetter story again.

  3. Ron

    Honest and humorous post.

  4. Weesty

    Congrats, that’s a great accomplishment. Have you tried the belly putter? It really does help smooth out the stroke. If you think you’re spread thin now just wait until little league, dance, etc. starts, I don’t think I picked up a club in those 10+ years. I hope you don’t mind but the next time the overbearing range pro walks down the line trying to pedal his “7 step swing formula” I’m going to tell him to piss off my instructor has PGA Tour Cred.

  5. meateater

    Monte, you don’t need to explain yourself. How many guys have that badge? Not too frickin’ many.

    The cruel fact is that there are a lot of guys who are fantastic golfers who will never make it to the Tour for one reason or another. Injury, family issues, bad luck, a couple of bad holes at crucial times in their lives. How very thin the line is is illustrated by your boy Frank, who goes from sitting around the house to contending in a Tour event seemingly overnight.

    It’s all so capricious. A couple of guys could see how Frank is doing and decide, what the heck, why not listen to this new guy? He can sure bust his own driver. Certainly the bar is not very high if guys like Haney can have clients.

  6. banner12

    Congrads on the badge. I would wear it around your home range and peek in on other instructors giving lessons and stand there, look at the student and shake you head :).

    Seriously, I imagine Frank is paying you for your wisdom? (don’t have to answer if you don’t want to).

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I told Frank I would do it for expenses, as a friend and revel in the residual income from his success. He graciously pays me each time I come out.

  7. Jason

    Love your comment Westy! I will do that same LOL………

  8. Calvin

    I think you are a great teacher and very deserving of that badge. It really doesn’t matter how you play beyond a certain level. I think of Pennick and how he saw Sam Snead and went back to the teaching range. I think you will measure yourself against guys like Pennick who had great humility and not guys like Haney who seems to have none. There are a lot of things that can spoil great talent from reaching an elite playing level. Life is like that.

  9. Robert Johansson

    Let me know when your ready for tour level golf, I get u ready for it. 🙂


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