What makes me different?

I have a solid understanding of technical data, but my study has been more about people. Approach, incorrect assumptions causing incorrect movements.

In my study of the golf swing, I noticed patterns and have figured out why people end up where they do.

I watch and listen and notice why people all end up in the same bad place. Trying to implement the same cliches in the same misguided fashion.

Coming over the top because they are trying too hard to swing inside out.

Getting out of spine angle because they are trying to widen the arc.

The thing that makes me the most different is how I perceive things. Most “experts” on the swing look at a golfer and find a wide variety of issues and complicated missteps according to their “swing ideal” and 23 step swing checklist where each point needs to be perfect…then the fix is easy with some miracle method, cliche or Marquis de Sade worthy training device.

I see the swing issue each individual has as very simple. A setup and/or linchpin swing issue that will lead to the rest of the swing lining up. However, the fix is really difficult. Not in it’s implementation, but in it’s interpretation.

Each golfer has a different way of processing information, different physical abilities and most importantly, different levels of kin-esthetic awareness (feel and body control).

My students quickly find out that I tell them the same few things over and over again, but it a different way and/or context.

I hope each time what I say takes them in the right direction and is the linchpin for everything to fall into place. If I find out it is not, I attack it from a different direction.

What usually gets in the way is the misconceptions they show up with. I can’t possibly know every wrong assumption they come with. One student the other day…I didn’t realize he thought proper arm rotation off the ball was actually wrist manipulation…and he was was familiar with my “Plane and release by feel video.”

That is what this blog is about for me. Throw everything that comes to mind at the wall and hopefully it will stick and quash all of the misconceptions people have, so they can just setup and take a swipe at it.

That is mostly what my lessons are about. Dispel the misconceptions…see what happens…then offer some direction.

I believe a lot of info out there is just well marketed misconception on a stick.




  1. Calvin

    “well marketed misconception on a stick.”

    I get e-mails every day from those people and just delete unread. The majority of it is just plain old hustling for my buck. There is an unending supply of gurus and tips that will get me 300 yards as straight as I can point. I used to read some of them just to see if they might get lucky and push something worthwhile.

    I read three golf sites now. Yours for information. Clement’s because I respect him even tho he hasn’t helped me to date. The SA golf Forum for entertainment and creativity.

    Occasionally I will fall off the wagon and do a search for a swing related subject.
    Fighting the swingcrack.

    • bobs34

      I read two, This one and rojoass. The golf swing is simple again & golf is a whole lot easier to play!

  2. Bobbyp

    I fought over swing for years and would often see the club out of my left eye on wedges! I tried all kinds of things to stop it. Left arm rigid. Restrict hip turn. Wider arc. One day you said in a video “When the shoulders stop…the arms stop”. Can’t thank you enough for what that comment did for my game. Keep on keeping it simple Monte. And keep slinging those comments out there. That one stuck on me like velcro!

  3. HoldTheLag

    The only thing that stuck with me so far is to hold the lag…or was it not to.

    That and I learned the word swingcrack from here. I think defining the enemy and giving it a name was brilliant. Beat back the huns and so forth.

  4. Jason

    Love the concept of “swing crack”….One of my regular playing partners is a true addict. Keep up the good work Monte. I really like your approach.


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