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Two of my points were proven right this last weekend.

The three players in the playoff, were golfers and not necessarily swingers of the club.

All three of these players have golf swings that work and get the club to the hitting area. However, the average amateur “perfect swing nerds” would tear all three of the swings apart for dumb reasons. For example…

“Haas takes the club away to the outside. That is like a beginner.”

I actually heard that on the range yesterday.

All three are tilted at impact, giving their arms room to swing, and they connect up the rotation of the club to the rotation of their bodies.

That’s all you need. Two of the videos I have coming up are on just these subjects.

They have swings they can repeat and they know how to play.

On a side note, Butch Harmon was on the Jim Rome show. He had a great line and some not so subtle shots at Tiger.

He went out of his way two or three times to say that Phil was generous financially (Tiger is well known to be cheap beyond comprehension), easy to work with (Tiger is not) and he would never go back with Tiger…especially as long as he is with Phil.

He had this to say about Phil…”He will try any shot at any time. He has to carry his gonads around in a wheelbarrow.”

Those were the words he used. In case some of you didn’t know, I really like Phil and don’t care for Tiger. I have interacted with both of them a few times. Do a search on this blog for, “The day we made Phil Mickelson cry.”

That will tell you what a stand up guy he is.

The other one of my points that was proven, is a course that is setup properly and fairly leads to -7 winning. You don’t need lost ball areas, rock piles, water falls, five tiered greens and 7500 yards to keep the scores down.

Riviera is not even 7000.

There were 23 handicaps all over America saying, “That course looks easy, why aren’t they shooting lower?”




  1. WIll

    I think that the golfing world is still in the “Tigerproofing” mindset that took over when Tiger demolished the field at the ’97 Masters. And the way Augusta National went about it (longer course) became the default option when it came to adding difficulty to the course. But I think that Augusta’s original design, with it being tough around the greens, and having fairways that aren’t hyper-narrow with crazy rough, but require the proper placement off the tee so that you can have the right angle into the green, allows for more creativity and strategy than a superlong US Open style setup.

    That said, I’m sure it’s easier to add something on the back end of a tee box than it is to reconstruct a green complex. But that short par 4 at Riviera shows that a hole (or a course) doesn’t have to be crazy long to be challenging.

  2. Calvin

    Great story about Phil. What I know about him comes from interviews, fan interaction on TV and watching him play. I like him a lot. I hope he continues on his current level for a few more years at least.

    The best designed hole on my course is a short straight par four. I think it was a happy accidental design. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it (sort of). I always appreciate it.

  3. Doug Benner

    “He has to carry his gonads around in a wheelbarrow.” Thanks, Monte. That’s an image I won’t get out of my mind for a while.

    • Mike Z

      I heard that Phil actually needs TWO wheelbarrows – one for each gonad.

  4. Calvin

    So that’s why he walks that way.


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