What club to practice with?

You practice with the club you make the best swings…i.e. the club you can most easily produce what you are working on. Then test yourself with the club that’s the worst and you can least do what you are working on….for about 5-10 shots at the most.

Groove the good move, not the bad.




  1. Paul Kraus

    When I practice I lay out my PW, 8 & 6 irons, a hybrid and my 5 wood (I don’t use a driver). After warming up I start with the PW until I’m hitting it sweetly and accurately then move through the clubs about 10 shots each. If I run into difficulties I’ll move down a club until I find the rythmn again.
    Usually finish with the PW aiming at the pitching net rather than full shots.

  2. Dogballz

    Currently working on swing change(s) and not so much target, distance, accuracy. I’m looking for feedback at the moment, so my answer at the moment is 7 iron only. Actually left the car with this one club today to hit a small basket. Warming up and getting ready for the the fist hole would be different.

  3. Jake G

    I have pretty much been going to the range for the past year or so with just 2-3 clubs. I figure if I can’t swing a short/mid iron the way that I want, then I don’t have any chance of doing it properly with a driver. As I have thought more and more about it though, I figure this has probably contributed to the fact that I have ingrained a steeper downswing now that is hard to rid myself of

  4. Adam


    Just finished rereading Penick’s Little Red Book, and it is remarkable the overlap between you and he. This post is identical to his advice on practice, and his “Stay Behind the Ball” sounds a lot like “Keep Secondary Tilt” to me. Good company I would say!


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