If you hear I had a brain aneurism…

…tell my family to sue Jim McLean…lol

The number of people who don’t want to free up their hip turns on the backswing as it will prevent coil and reduce their x-factor…

He did in fact say later on after releasing his x-factor book that it’s not about restricting hip turn.

However, it’s like a newspaper printing on the front page that some politician is a racist, then printing a retraction on page 15 a week later in fine print their source meant he likes to drive cars really fast.

Nobody sees that.

These zeroed out positions like lag, x-factor, returning hands to setup plane, shaft lean, vertical shoulder turns, covering the ball, swing plane, etc.

They are nothing more than stop action, 2D positions that are results of a good setup, good backswing and a well sequenced transition.

You try and achieve these things with something missing, injury and bad golf result.




  1. Andrew Tyler

    If you do have an aneurism, could I get your Miura Irons? Just trying help in your family’s time of need. 🙂

      • Andrew Tyler

        Wow! I’m not good enough for those yet.

  2. John Brown

    I’ve been struggling with my swing (which just means I’m status quo). I keep reading you say on Golfwrx to increase the hip turn and keep the secondary tilt in place. I went to the range today thinking primarily about taking a ridiculous hip turn and I started hitting the ball very clean and very straight. It was very uncomfortable but was getting results.

    I am wondering, if I made your zipper move to start the downswing. would make the transition more comfortable and give me even more space?? I think I’m on to something by finally “getting” what you have been saying.

      • Matt

        To John’s comment, I noticed the same thing about it being uncomfortable to make a big hip turn. But if I do that and just release my hands from the top, I hit much better shots. Assume the discomfort is just because it’s new?

  3. Greg K

    “These zeroed out positions like lag, x-factor, returning hands to setup plane, shaft lean, vertical shoulder turns, covering the ball, swing plane, etc.”

    Ain’t that the truth, years ago I figured out that the first more down for me was the feeling that I was rotating both of my hands counter-clockwise which pretty much appears to be “releasing the lag, horrors!” I was thrilled when I read one of your posts from a while back that said the exact same thing just in a different way!

  4. goinlow

    Hey Monte,

    You should do another tongue and cheek video in the same vein as your “Hitler” video, addressing the state of modern instruction and use the song (and clip) “If I only had a brain” from the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. With your lyrical skills it could be huge!

  5. Don Lissen

    “You try and achieve these things with something missing…” BINGO.

    With a coordinated person, it’s like Hillary said about Bill Clinton: “Vote for him, and you get me too.”

    For example, when a coordinated person performs “shoulder turn,” there’s a lot more involved than just shoulders.

    So, if an UN-coordinated person tries to do something like “shoulder turn” literally, with something missing…it’s what you said.

  6. Rick

    Hogan again!! The right leg as an unmovable “post” was accepted decades ago instead of Snead’s natural motion….go figure. It took me years to undo the “X factor”, and your wonderful videos have helped immensely. Thank you.

  7. Kip

    I don’t know about an aneurysm, but if I hear “trapping”, “compression” or “Hogan’s five lessons” I get rectal bleeding


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