Well there you have it.

I have a morning lesson with a new student who is a top 50 in the World junior player. We had our first lesson this last week and he is leaving for a 3 week tour of major junior events before he comes back for Junior World at Torrey Pines.

He and his dad wanted me to make sure he was doing what we worked on in lesson one correctly.

We had to squeeze it in between after he finishes some early morning exams and before me having to rush to LAX to catch a 1:20 PM flight to Tennessee so I can get there to work with Frank and watch him play tomorrow morning.

Frank asked me if I could rearrange things and come. The junior player and his dad were gracious enough to manipulate his busy schedule (you can’t imagine the busy schedule a teenage sports phenom has) to help me out as we were supposed to get together on Thursday.

Then after spending some time with Frank on Friday, I have to get back to LA to play at 10 AM on Saturday at LA North.

“Oh poor Monte.”

I am sure that’s what you are all saying. 😀

Gonna be a lot of fun if it doesn’t kill me. I have been pretty sick for a week or so. I plan on overdosing on Mucinex. 😀

I bet many of the big name gurus will be out there tuning up guys for the US Open (Frank missed by 2, BTW).

My close friend owns “King of the Cage” and I might challenge all of them to a cage fighting round robin. I know I could take Haney in less than 10 seconds. My goal would be to give Leadbetter a wedgie until he taps out, but the way he wears his pants, he might no know the difference. As long as Pelz doesn’t get me in the mount, I am too quick for him. I know fish hooking is illegal, but I would risk the DQ to take him down in that fashion. Foley might cause a problem. He looks like he’s in shape and quick. Could I be lucky enough to draw Dean Reinmuth In the first round when I am the most hostile and ready to inflict the most pain?

They’d probably all wuss out and want to have a Trivial Pursuit contest…but much to their chagrin, they’d have a better chance against me in the cage.

I will be posting overall comments here, but subscribe to my twitter as I will probably be making lots of impromptu comments from the event.





  1. Calvin

    “……..might not know the difference.” :):)

    Reinmuth loves to hug so he might be problematic.
    And watch out for Blake at the 2.b.SL position.

    Good luck on all of that crazy scheduling, coaching, playing, twitting.

  2. Westy

    I think you should accompany the kid to the US Junior Amateur Championship in July. After all it is all about the kids…. (If we happen to fit in a lesson or two by coincidence that would be ok too.)

  3. HoldTheLag

    Hot damn Monte your posts are the best


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