It’s 0530 central time

The “0” stands for “Oh my God is it early.”

I get my scratch, all access, I’m a swing nerd badge today.

My plan is for Frank to shoot 62, tell everyone I am a genius, they ask me into the press room and I play dumb like all the other gurus. At least I am better looking than Leadbetter and Haney.




  1. Calvin

    Ahh. I can just see you now. Sitting on the veranda at the end of a long hard day of guruing having a cocktail with Maclean, Bedwetter, Haney and Harmon discussing your method and your upcoming book. Another year and your belt will be up to your armpits. 🙂

  2. Brett

    That sounds like fun. Good luck to Frank.

  3. Joe Cherry

    So does that mean those of us who love your personalized lessons from Golf Swing Surgeon have to worry about that disappearing if Frank wins and you become the next Haney?


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