Well, had a fan say something pretty poignant to me

I was pretty disconsolate on the range. I am not a good loser.

He said, “Monte, I know you are not happy, but try and perceive things like this. You were out of the sport for 16 years and still finished 11th in the world.”

Maybe in a week or so I will be able to take that course of action, but today, I am not a happy camper.




  1. woody

    Grief theory says we should let you have a mourning period before offering uplifting comments.

  2. Bob

    You have 360 some days to prepare for next year. So do the other competitors. How are you going to use today?

  3. Robert Johansson

    Out of shape,
    maxing out one day burns the muscle creatin and such,
    Means simply you had no gas for the next session.

    1. adrenalin
    2. technique
    3. recovery time for muscle fuel.

    first two points all can do.
    recovery however is the key one as you need to have enough to contract the explosive muscle fibers especially over a few days.

    1. take a icecold bath after the session.
    2. refill using food and supplements for muscles.
    3. go into relaxed experience to rest maximum after.
    4. be in shape helps.

  4. Calvin

    Hey, it’s like who can do the most pushups or an arm-wrestling contest.
    Get over it.

    • Ken

      Thanks for the link to the “icing” article.

    • Robert Johansson

      I assumed the elite athletes knew what they were doing obviously I was in error. its the same mess as in the Golf swing field which I however did study though and come up with a solution.

  5. Wally


  6. Jason

    All I can say is finishing 11th with minimal training makes you a winner to me. As a competitor I would be shitting myself competing against you knowing you will have a full year to get ready. I also agree that maybe you didn’t recover as well as you hoped. A lesson for next time.

  7. Chuck

    At least you didn’t do this:


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