Website and videos

Going to meet today with a guy who is going to do the videos and website.

Hopefully get the ball rolling.

So right now my tentative plan is to have this.

A simple, but well organized website. The blog, weekly videos, a multi topic message board and chat room. The content will all be free and my goal is to increase the traffic to a point where advertisers will come in.

The videos are also going to be organized and downloadable for a small price. Categorized into things like drills, swing sequence, cliches.

Any more ideas and thoughts? I will be checking periodically as I will be there all day.




  1. woody

    It would be nice to be able to access it for read-only without a login, unless somebody wants to post something.

    For a while, I read Manzella’s site off-and-on because somebody would post a video or photo that I could copy. I would never have bothered to go there if I had to login to see the photos and videos that were on Youtube.

    I think Golfwrx makes you log in to do this, so I never go there.

  2. Jason

    Yes Monte, Videos on how to choose and how not to choose eqipment. Advice on lofts and shafts for Drivers and Woods. On course Videos for given situations.


  3. woody

    Here’s an example of music used to cover “dead air” in a video, from Nicklaus, Golf My Way. With a free video, you get what you pay for–but with a “for sale” video something like this could be a nice touch. (2:29 Nicklaus)
    If done right, by a pro, the music makes it a more polished product.

  4. Jason

    Another Idea is to put music to a golf swing for tempo. I know people mention Shawn Clement a bit and I apologise if you find it annoying, but he has developed music a different tempos for different clubs, slower tempos for the longer clubs and quicker tempos for the short clubs to develop rhythm

  5. HoldTheLag

    Hopefully you don’t get the same guy who did the videos section for Golfwrx, which never worked for me (or 90% of other people and the admins could care less).


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