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  1. woody

    But, there’s a difference between LETTING the club face rotate and MAKING the club face rotate.

    If what you say is true, about not manipulating the hands and forearms, that means that the face rotation must be a product of shoulder influence. Could shoulders do that, as part of “hand-eye” coordination? They sure could.

    Shoulders are the most mobile joint in your body. If you did some research on it, you’d find that shoulder muscles “ensure a precise and rapid movement of the shoulder joint, needed for hand and arm manipulation.”

    Good thing that’s on auto-pilot.

  2. BP

    One comment….”core rotation”. Rotate left from knees to armpits to square clubface.

  3. HoldTheLag

    Realized this a few days ago…glad to see that you coincidentally verified this!

    I think this is what “holding the lag” is actually supposed to be interpreted as.

    • Calvin

      I love that action. He’s got the club perfectly in synch with his core rotation.
      Penick would like the swing because he seems intent on his target. Good job. 🙂

      • Exilgolfer

        The sad thing, what he does naturally is my biggest problem in learning a decent swing 😉 Sad for me though, not for him…


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