Webb Simpson…WOW

There was a lot of talk about Jack Fleck coming from nowhere.

Even though Simpson is a known commodity and him winning a major was inevitable, he was never in the discussion until his charge in the middle of the round and even then, he wasn’t leading.

I was impressed with his game during his previous victories and how can you be anything but impressed now?

I predicted Tiger would have some swing reversion, but I didn’t know it would be this bad.

I was at a restaurant called The Yardhouse and they had a Golf Channel feed along side the NBC feed that showed only Tiger’s group. That golf swing was awful. I was too quick in coming off my “Tiger’s swing is still bad,” high horse. That was weak sauce. On Thursday and Friday it was under control, but as the announcers continued to say, his wedge game was not very good. That should have showed me I was too quick to jump on the bandwagon.

I don’t much care for him as a person, but I would be disingenuous if I turned a blind eye to how his popularity and success make golf bigger and that makes things better for me. Hypothetically, if he won this week and I helped Frank to win in the next month or two and he took down Tiger at the PGA…my book and DVD deal arrive the next day.

Wishful thinking on my part, but by no means out of the question. I want what’s good for golf…and for better or worse, Tiger playing well is good for golf.

Someone emailed me and asked me if Simpson came to me to be his swing guy, what would I tell him.

I would have video from all of his victories. Then I would ask him what misses cause him to play bad and get some videos of those swings. Do a comparison, find what he does differently and say…

“You see that?…That’s bad! Don’t do that.”

…and that’s how you teach a great player.




  1. rojoass

    Big fun watching guys play golf instead of hitting the bong & acting like they were on TV.

    There were 5 or 6 I hated to see lose but Webb deserves everything he’s getting. Proud & happy for him.


  2. North

    “You see that?…That’s bad! Don’t do that.”

    Wouldn’t you look at what he did differently when he won and say: “You see that? That’s really good! Do that.” ?

    It is a different focus – keeps the bad thoughts out of the head. The last thing I want to be thinking on a tee is something like “don’t roll your hands or you’ll snap hook into those trees on the left…”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Actually, a little of both, with the good being the thought.

  3. Calvin

    Furyk’s snap hook: Isn’t his swing basically a “stuck” swing? Heck, it looks like he sets up stuck. He seems like such a classy guy. It looked like he was comforting Fluff at the end. I was pulling for him even tho watching him is like watching an ant hill. 🙂

  4. Dave Dunlop

    cue more people saying belly putters are cheating theyve won 2 majors now thats the only reason simpson won etc etc. BALONY! he deserved to win he shot 68 68 on the weekend and that wasnt just cos of a belly putter

  5. Colby

    I’m curious about which pros, aside from Frank, you think swing most inline with your philosophy. Ie. “plane and release by feel” aka “turn and rotate”.
    To me, it’s a great method, but I’m not sure we get to see it often as a model on Thursday-Sunday as the guys we usually see on TV have varying methods of getting the ball in the hole.

    To make a long question short: Which guys should we focus on when watching golf to see your efficient swing method in action?

      • Colby

        Ah. Yes. Forgot about Stricker.
        Any tips for resisting/killing the urge to swing from the top with the hands?
        My caveman brain insists on “smash ball with stick” when I get to the top. Makes my swing and round like a box of chocolates….you never know what you’re gonna get.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Coincidentally, tomorrow’s post will give you some help on this.

  6. Jason

    In regards to swinging with your hands from the top, the way I got rid of this was to set up with tilt. Then in my backswing, as I turn my hips/shoulders I let momentum takes my arms up, I literally let go of all control when my clubs gets to knee height so momentum “completes my backswing”. Then you get an pause, and then the club comes down by itself, it’s impossible to snatch or overswing doing this, like when you toss a ball straight up, it pauses then comes down by itself. You assist this momentum on the way down with your turn through. Well it works for me anyway. Over the top comes from trying to hit the ball. How do you split wood? Over the top is the most efficient way.

    • G

      Shawn Clement teaching, huh?

  7. Mike Richardson

    Isn’t Monte’s “dump” swinging from the top with the hands?

  8. Andrew from Addis

    No! If you do the Monte trilogy – Shift, dump, turn – in order you will not come over the top at all.

    I know this because I time it wrong all the time. Occasionaly when the trilogy works in perfect harmony I hit it 20-30 yards further than normal – this can be bad for your score but worth striving for

    Andrew from Addis (For the very last day)

  9. Jason

    The Bump, dump and Turn happens naturally if you just let momentum take over 🙂

    • Mike Richardson

      Sorry I didn’t make myself clear, I wasn’t talking about the hands going over the top just “pulling away” from the right shoulder. I find leaving things to momentum difficult and have to “do something” with my hands/arms as well as bump. Besides don’t people say your hands are pretty quick so why not use them? I like Monte’s “turn, tilt, turn” but for me the tilt is bump and dump using my arms/hands to pull the club into position.

  10. Jason

    Nothing wrong with assisting momentum. When do you push the kid on a swing when you want to push them higher? Same place in the golf swing.


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