Turning in a barrel is great


It’s great alright, if you want to have a large dispersion pattern in you golf shots.

Actually, I will be more clear. Turning in a barrel is great if you want to add 5-10 strokes to your handicap. I watched Todd Hamilton (former British Open champion) play with Frank in Memphis and hit balls. His left hip actually moves backwards from the top of the swing.

If anyone knows him, have him email me. I can get him back on track in an hour.

I heard a range guru (guys who like to approach other people on the range to offer advice), telling two difference people he didn’t know to turn in a barrel and not to slide. As you can imagine, it was a disaster. One sliced more than he was and the other shanked several irons.

This video shows why this is wrong. In this video, I left out the upper body moving forward also constitutes a a slide.




  1. Geoff Dickson

    This video is G O L D gold.

  2. readygolfer

    If Frank has a few more good finishes or snags a win the pros will find you. BTW, how does Neal Lancaster get into the Travelers before Frank?


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