Update #6

One of the guys in Frank’s group withdrew with an injury. 6 hour round coming as a twosome with Robert Damron.

Patience grasshopper.

Update #2: cold and windy. I am freezing in shorts and short sleeve shirt.

This is good for Frank as conditions usually don’t affect him as much as the field.

Update #3: Looking comfortable and relaxed so far. 2 under through 4 holes.

Update #4: made a bad bogey with wedge in hand and just missed a birdie on 17 (his 8). Drove it right fairway bunker on 18.

480 par 4 into wind. This course is long and hard and wind not making it easier.

Update #5: made a little mess on 18 and #1. Bad drive on 18, bad second shot and chip on 1.

1 over though 10 holes. Course playing brutal.

7600 yards, bermuda rough and windy.

Update #6: made a birdie to get back to even, but missed a 4 footer for birdie on 5 to get back to red. Even with 4 to play.




  1. snaphooker

    How’d he finish?

  2. snaphooker

    Awesome. That sounds like a good score given the conditions.

  3. Calvin

    tie for 35th with 11 guys.

    Is Jim Renner kin to Jack Renner?

  4. Brett

    I predict he’ll go low tomorrow.


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