1 under par 71-update #8 below

Obviously if you look at the scoreboard, that is not within the cut line.

However, it was a nice professional round of golf in some tough conditions (was surprised how low the scores were).

Cut lines at q-school don’t advance exponentially, so although the cut line would be -3 at this point, it won’t be -12. I will have a better idea after today.

I will be posting updates the same way as yesterday under this post.

Update #1- fairway and 10 feet, made birdie on 1. Fairway, 15 feet and burned edge on 2.

15 feet on 3. Hope he keeps this up the rest of the week. Although I was destined to be tortured where golf is convened…lol.

Update #2: burned edge on 3, fairway, 8 feet and birdie on 4.

Reachable par 5 fifth and a wait on tee. Hopefully he maintains rhythm and makes another. Looking as good as I have seen him. Again, needs to maintain rhythm and focus on next shot.


Update #3: Did in fact birdie #5 and made a really nice up and down save for par on 6 after missing his first fairway and first green. Unbelievable well executed chip off of a downhill, tight, wet lie with slope between he and the pin to about 3 feet.

Update #4: birdied 9

8 of 9 greens-6 inside 15 feet all 8 inside 25
6 of 7 fairways
13 putts
4 under par 32

Update #5: made a mess on 10 after best drive of the week. Made bogey from 110. Let’s see how he handles it.

Update #6: Laced it down the middle on 11 and darted it in there about 12 feet from 200. It didn’t go in, but…made a real nice birdie on par 5 twelfth…back to minus 4.

Update #7: got a little sloppy o. 15 and 16. Pulled a wedge left for the second time in 2 days on 15, but made a nice 8 foot par saver.

Hit it 5 feel too far left to a nasty pin on 16, bounced against the lip and made bogey 6. Back to 3-under for day.

Update #8: shit! He made a mess of 18 for the second straight day. This time, he didn’t get up and down for bogey, he made double to finish at 70.

In good shape, but it’s a shame to give away all of that hard work on 18.

For those that asked why he has messed up a few wedges…he is making a 120 yard backswing to hit a 110 yard shot.




  1. Brett

    Thanks for the updates. Go Frank!

  2. Mike Z

    Sounds like Frank is making it look easy out there.

    Interesting that he has made a couple bogeys from good wedge position this week. What was his error? Or were they just fluky things?

  3. Calvin

    Needs 65, 66.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not even close. 69,70 gets him to 8 under. That makes it.

  4. pcb_duffer

    Monte, why did Frank choose that course to qualify? It seems to me that Southern Hills Plantation plays into the hands of the younger, free swinging bombers. The stage here in the Florida panhandle is just over 6800 yards, and demands precision off the tee.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s not a bombers course at all. The driving areas at 300 are almost non existent on some holes. He shot 64 in a Monday qualifier earlier this year.

      • pcb_duffer

        Thanks. It’s hard for puny hitting me to think of a course that long that’s not set up for the big hitters. Good luck to Frank (& you) tomorrow.

  5. mike

    whats going on out there today??

    • Monte Scheinblum

      On my way back to California. I will know at the same time you do. When I get off the plane, I will get some texts about round, but they will probably have posted scores already online. I forgot Southwest planes have wifi and didn’t ask for texts to my email…duh!!!!!

  6. mike

    thanks Monte, safe travels, hope you left Frank in a good state of mind

  7. Brett

    He shot 2 under today.


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