Too much emotional invesment

in each individual shot.

Someone pointed out I may have this problem and I do…it is terrible.

Unless it’s on the 72nd hole and you are trying to win, it’s a complete waste of energy and most individual shots couldn’t be less relevant.

You can hit 3 bad shots in a row on a par 4 and still make a putt for par…which counts the same as three pure shots that end in a lip out for birdie and tap in for par.

Hit every shot as well as you can and chase it down. That is all you can do.




  1. Doug B

    Man this is so true, and so hard to change. I think it relates to personality types in general. Perfectionists tend to act this way – and nothing reveals a perfectionist’s tendencies like lousy golf shots. I know that I have the same affliction. A bad round of golf bothers me a lot more than it should. I can even have a good overall round but if I finish weakly it bugs the hell out of me until I can get out there again. The good news is that perfectionists can accomplish a lot, but they pay the price emotionally. You are world champion. You have deep desire to return to the upper echelon, so I can see how you would struggle with this mindset.

    • cdnmike

      I don’t think it has to do with being a perfectionist. I’m not a perfectionist but I am super competitive and I get very bothered by giving shots away.

  2. Mike Z

    I am always amused when a bad (or even mediocre) golfer gets mad after a bad shot. Like, what did he expect? He should be used to hitting bad shots by now and take them in stride.

  3. Calvin

    Even at the highest level there will be days when the club feels like a boa-constrictor. Some ugly shots will ensue. I used to get upset over bad shots but I have learned over the years that I can (almost) immediately shift my focus to the next set of problems. As Ike Handy wrote “The principle trouble with the average player is that the one thought that is uppermost in his mind is one that should be completely absent – the result of the shot.”


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