The World Series

I know it hasn’t been the World Series for a while, but that is easier to say than the monstrous name it is called now.

I have never played the South Course, but I have played the North and it is fabulous. The members say there is no comparison, so I can only assume the South is even better than it looks on TV.

People say The South is boring. Nothing but long straight holes.

Those are the people they build the waterfall and rock pile courses for…and for that, I don’t like those people…LOL.

I am kidding and everyone is entitled to like what kind of course they want, I am just stating my preference…AAAAGAIN!.

I am redundant on many subjects, but listening to golfers on the driving range for 25 years has made me this way. Someone on the range on Sunday commented that is was dumb to play such a big tournament on a course that was nothing but fairways, greens and trees. “What is hard about that? They might as well play it at a local muni”

Tiger Woods couldn’t have had a worse week. Some will say that it was a long layoff, he is not tournament ready, etc., etc., etc.

Well, that would be true for most golfers, but for Tiger to finish that far back at a course he has dominated, a guy won with his old swing and Steve Williams winning at the same time…that is way too much for Tiger’s ego and he is steaming right now.

I bet he has been hitting it well and playing well at home and honestly thought he could come back to a place he had so much success at and he was going to blitz the field.

Tiger’s advantage was never that we was that much more skilled than everyone else. At times in his career he has been wild with the driver, had no distance control with wedges, struggled with the putter and still kicked everyone’s ass.

Tiger’s advantage was he KNEW he was going to win. So much so that he had everyone else believing it. He no longer has that, either internally or from his peers. He is just a guy now.

IMO, the only way he is going to recapture any semblance of his former self is to stop worrying about swinging a certain way that someone else thinks is right and go back to multiple hours of short game practice and working the ball with any swing that creates the “9 shots” he used to work on on the range.

Some will say Tiger is done. Others will say that Foley has his lines all perfect and it’s only a matter of time before he dominates again.

I think those on both of these extremes are not paying attention to the evidence. Tiger will win again and probably win again at a major. It won’t be any time soon and breaking Jack’s record is no longer a foregone conclusion.

I put the over/under on Tiger’s future major wins at 2.5. Right now I would take the under, but reserve the right to change that…

If he changes his approach to the game.

IMO, he needs a no nonsense, non “yes man” to talk down to him a bit and shame him out of this funk.

That sounds strangely like his dad…and for all of Earl’s shortcomings, he got the most out of Tiger and Tiger hasn’t been the same since his father passed…and that should come as a surprise to no one, because as we have found out recently, Tiger is human.




  1. Calvin

    The fleeting expression on Scott’s face when he was approaching the 18th green and expecting cheers for himself and hearing instead “Stevie! Stevie! Stevie!” Now that said a lot about a lot of things. The golfer in harness pulling the royal carriage of the Caddy. The pervasiveness of Tiger power. Public fascination with twosome feuds. The general instability of the world. Excellence preempted.

    And it was an excellent performance by Mr. Scott.

  2. meateater

    I wonder if Adam Scott has considered hooking up with elin? He already has Tiger’s old swing, his old swing coach(Butch) and his old caddie.

  3. Wally

    An excellent peformance pre-emted by the caddies comments. Adam FIRE Stevie……

    • north

      The sooner Stevie is fired, the better. He just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

      • rojoass

        It’s obvious Adam wuz looking up to Stevie. I don’t think that’s a good thing & don’t know how long it will last. Depends on how long Adam chooses to be passive .
        It was a joy to see them win (to me) cause I’m no fan of tiger. I used to be a fan of his game but it’s just another mix in the field right now……… go home.

      • cdnmike

        I couldn’t agree more with you guys… Stevie shouldn’t even be giving an interview after Adam’s win. He absolutely should be fired by Scott.

        After all that has happened I still can’t believe Steve hasn’t figured out when to keep his mouth shut!

  4. Mike Z

    I’ve never been good enough at golf to have a caddie, but I wonder whether it helps or hurts a player such as Adam Scott to have his caddie be so high-profile. On one hand, Williams’ celebrity status gained from his association with Tiger may deflect some of the attention and pressure off Scott. On the other hand Williams is drawing a bigger spotlight to the player with his name and the fact that he’s in the news; it must be annoying to have media members asking about your caddie all the time.

    Whether he won at Firestone or not, Adam Scott will have as much media focus on his this week as Tiger because of his relationship with Williams. For his sake, I hope it won’t affect his play.

  5. kbp

    It would be hard to argue that Williams was somehow a hinderance to Scott this last week. Whatever the dynamics of the relationship, I’m sure Scott would be more than happy if he racked up a few more wins with Williams on the bag.

  6. cdnmike

    I have a prediction…. Write it down or bet on it!!

    Tiger is friggin’ pissed right now (that’s not my prediction). He can’t believe that Williams threw him under the bus like that. He is on the range right now working like crazy. This insult from Williams is exactly what he needs. He is going to come out this weekend and hardly talk to anyone, he’s going to be pissed off and he is going to use that to golf GREAT!!

    Top 10 finish for Tiger. Book it!

    • cdnmike

      Remember Steven Ames’ perceived insult at Match Play? The Williams insult will motivate way more that Ames’ “insult” did.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I agree with all of what you said except the top 10 finish. He is not ready to play that well yet.

      He may fire one huge round and get himself near contention, but fade.

      • cdnmike

        You may be right, but I think he is so pissed off that the pissed off attitude will get him through all 4 rounds. Who knows… this may be the kick in the ass he needs to rebuild his confidence.

        How about a bet…. If Tiger finishes in the top 10 you have to write in your Monday article that I know what I’m talking about. If he doesn’t I will post a “reply” to all of your articles next week that says something to the effect that you are right and I am stupid.

      • north

        The one good round would be progress. I think winning is putting the cart before the horse. Right now what tiger needs is to get out and play tournament golf and find out his body is sound. It has to play on your mind if in the back of it is “if I take a full swing at this my knee might buckle”; tiger has to get past that.

        The best thing I saw was he looked like he really was back in golf shape.

  7. meateater

    I think you guys have this all wrong. Stevie was never part of tiger’s posse. He was a guy he met up with at the course and who carried his bag. He was hired help, not that different from the gardener or driver. Tiger went out of his way to show how little need he had for him by bringing in a guy off the street to caddy this week.

    The fact is there are only three caddies ( Fluff, Stevie, Bones) even hardcore fans can name. Two of them looped for Tiger and both got fired for not knowing their place. By several accounts, Stevie is not the thug he played for Tiger, so he is probably relieved to be able to relax. He doesn’t know his place however, and sooner or later Adam will can him too.

  8. Wally

    It’s stage handlers getting most of the credit for a successful Broadway show, what a joke, where to Bwana?

  9. Calvin

    The last iron into 18 was a thing of beauty. Truly deserving of appreciative applause. Which really didn’t happen.


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